Southern Desert and Sea Safari: Namibia and South Africa

Travel Idea:

Southern Desert and Sea Safari: Namibia and South Africa

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Length of trip:

14 days

Approximate price of this trip per person:

from $ 1500 to $ 2500

Best travel dates to go:

Any time.

Detailed Description of this trip:

A camping safari through two countries: Namibia and South Africa. This tour brings you the safari highlights of both countries - Etosha, the Namib Desert and Cape Town.

Trip Properties:

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1-6 - Namibia

    Cape Cross Seal Colony and Skeleton Coast, Namibia.

    At Cape Cross, there are thousands of seals living in extremely close proximity to one another and they're quite a sight to behold! After the noise, hustle and bustle of the seals - it's on to the eerie beauty of the Skeleton Coast. [LD]

  • Day 7 - Swakopmund

    Swakopmund, Namibia.

    We have the opportunity to explore this quaint German town. Situated on the cold Atlantic Ocean, it is a beautiful place of old buildings with loads of activities in and around town. [LD]

  • Day 8 - Sesriem

    Namib Naukluft National Park and Kuiseb Canyon to Sesriem, Namibia.
    National Parks

    The Namib Naukluft park is one of the largest parks in Africa: 40 000 square metres of dunes, stunning scenery and uniquely adapted desert animals. [BLD]

  • Day 9 - Sesriem

    Sesreim and Sossusvlei, Namibia.

    One of the most memorable experiences of your trip will be standing on top of one of the biggest dunes in the world - and being surrounded only by reddish-golden sands. [BLD]

  • Day 10 - Namibia

    Fish River Canyon and Hobas, Namibia.

    One of the country's highlights is this canyon - the second largest in the world - and an impressive sight of sheer rock faces dropping away as far as the eye can see. [BLD]

  • Day 11 - Namibia

    The Orange River, Namibia.

    This huge expanse of water forms the border between South African and Namibia. It is a favourite water sport destination and a great place to relax. [BLD]

  • Day 12 - Namibia

    Canoeing on the Orange River, Namibia.

    Enjoy a day of canoeing down the Orange River - there are even a couple of rapids to get your pulse racing! [BLD]

  • Day 13 - South Africa

    West Coast of South Africa and the Namaqualand Flowers, South Africa.

    Travelling down the country's West Coast, you have the opportunity to see the spectacular wildflowers during spring. These beautiful carpets of colour draw tourists from all over the world. [BLD]

  • Day 14 - Cape Town

    Cedarberg Mountains/Cape Town, South Africa.

    The tour ends in Cape Town in the afternoon, after a day in the scenic and dramatic Cedarberg Mountains. [BL]

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