THE EARLY CHURCH & CRUISE WITH ST PAUL - 15 day private cruise

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THE EARLY CHURCH & CRUISE WITH ST PAUL - 15 day private cruise

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15 days

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from $ 0 to $ 3000

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April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November

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As the Gospel of Jesus Christ began to spread, St Paul took the Word to Asia Minor, where there were some of the most influential cities of the Roman world. He sailed the coasts of Asia Minor, modern day Turkey, no fewer than three times during his journeys and visited many of the cities there. The scenery has changed little over the last two thousand years, and to sail these seas and visit the sites Paul visited is to experience the ambiance of those heady days of the beginning of our faith. We can follow in the wake of the great Apostle. Our own tours reflect Paul’s role in this epoch-making time in the history of Christendom, combining the milieu of the cities visited by Paul with seas and mountains little changed in two thousand years. Our private cruises along the coasts of Turkey and the adjacent Greek Islands are extremely successful and truly convey the atmosphere of the period, as well as creating a time of great relaxation, contemplation and fellowship.

Trip Properties:

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - At Sea

    ANTALYA – PERGE (Acts 14:25)
    Historical and Educational Tours

    We will be met on arrival and proceed to the Ancient Roman city of Perge where Paul preached. We will spend some time here exploring this site with its massive Gate Towers, stadium, theater and church, which was once seat of a Bishopric. After worship on site we will proceed to Finike, where we board our yacht. Dinner and overnight ON BOARD.

  • Day 2 - At Sea

    PERGE & PHASELIS (Acts 13:13)
    Historical and Educational Tours

    Enjoy the morning relaxing on board. After lunch on board we will visit Phaselis, an ancient city with three harbours. The Roman streets, baths and the theatre are very atmospheric. Nearby is the Roman and Byzantine port of Olympus, overlooked by mount Olympus, another contender for the title. Return to Finike. Dinner and overnight ON BOARD.

  • Day 3 - At Sea

    ANDRIAKE & MYRA (Acts 27:5)
    Historical and Educational Tours

    An early start brings us to the ancient port of Andriake to explore Myra, Paul’s first landfall on his journey to Rome with its fine Roman theatre and world – famous Lycian tombs. Visit the Byzantine Church of Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus), Bishop of Myra in the 4th century AD. Returning to the yachts, we sail to Kekova. Overnight ON BOARD at Gokkaya Liman.

  • Day 4 - At Sea

    Historical and Educational Tours

    This is one of the most beautiful parts of the Mediterranean coast. After a short cruise visit the island of Kekova with its Byzantine ruins on a secluded beach and cross the sound to the tiny hamlet of Kalekoy. After lunch, disembark at the landing stage and visist the fascinating Turkish village, site of the classical town of Simena. The dramatic citadel has Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman remains as well as a haunting Lycian necropolis. Dinner and overnight ON BOARD.

  • Day 5 - At Sea

    River or Barge Cruise

    Morning visit by small boat to the island of Kekova to view the sunken city, a largely Hellenistic town which has subsided beneath the waves. Cruise west to Kas, stopping for swimming, lunch and relaxation. Kas is the site of the ancient port of Antiphellos. Afternoon sail into the harbor of Kas, a busy little port with shops and bars. For those who would like a little culture there is a short walk to a perfectly preserved Hellenistic theater. Dinner and overnight ON BOARD in Kas.

  • Day 6 - At Sea

    River or Barge Cruise

    Morning cruise west towards Kalkan, a delightful village set on a hillside. There is a small harbour at its base. Visit the Xanthos valley, heart of ancient Lycia to visit Xanthos. Here there are Roman theater and Byzantine citadel, the remains of several Lycian tombs including the Nereid Monument, the reliefs of which are now a key exhibit in the British Museum, and a very large Byzantine church delightful cross-shaped baptistery. Afternoon visit to Patara, birthplace of St Nicholas, and visited by Paul on his third journey, return to the harbor of Kalkan for dinner and overnight ON BOARD.

  • Day 7 - At Sea

    River or Barge Cruise

    Sail early to cruise north along the mountainous shores of the ancient Lycian coast and reach the island of Gemiler. This monastic community thrived between the fourth and the seventh century AD, and although now in ruins a visit here will conjure up the majesty of high Byzantium at the time of the Emperor Justinian. The island of Gemiler and its surroundings include the remains of no fewer than seven churches, some with wall paintings. An outstanding feature is the vaulted processional way linking the upper church to the large ecclesiastical complex in the middle of the island. Plenty of time for swimming and relaxing. Dinner and overnight ON BOARD at Gemiler.

  • Day 8 - At Sea

    River or Barge Cruise

    This morning we cruise across the Bay of Fethiye to the ancient site of Telmessos (Fethiye). This typical Turkish town is the site of the ancient city. The theater has just been re-excavated and there are many fine tombs here. There is an opportunity to walk up to the Tomb of Amyntas, which dominates the town. End the cruise at Gocek. Dinner and overnight ON BOARD at Gocek.

  • Day 9 - At Sea

    River or Barge Cruise

    A morning to sail west into ancient Caria brings the party to Ekincik. From here we shall take a river boat into the reed-fringed marshes of the Dalyan river and visit the Roman city of Caunos. Walking from the landing stage, we see the well-preserved theater, Hellenistic in origin and rebuilt in Roman times, the ancient harbor installations with statue bases and quayside Stoa, Byzantine churches and a vast Roman bath complex. Afterwards we continue up-river to view spectacular 4th century rock-cut temple tombs of the Carian kings carved out of the dramatic cliff-face, before returning to the vessel at Ekincik. Dinner and overnight ON BOARD.

  • Day 10 - At Sea

    Historical and Educational Tours

    After breakfast we sail down the Loryma peninsula whose mountain tops are guarded by impressive fortresses of the Hellenistic age to the ancient inlet and harbor of Loryma. The harbor is overlooked by one of the finest Hellenistic forts in the ancient world, built most likely by the Rhodians after resisting the siege of Demetrius Poliorcetes, son of Alexander’s successor Antigonus "the one eyed". There is much in the area of Loryma reminiscent of the time of Alexander and immediately afterwards, together with aspects of warfare in the changing Hellenistic world. Return to our vessel. Dinner and overnight ON BOARD.

  • Day 11 - At Sea

    KNIDOS (Acts 27:7)
    Historical and Educational Tours

    This morning’s sail navigates past the two Greek islands of Nimos and Symi, a delightful and scenic part of the cruise, on to the Datca Peninsula. Another highlight of the tour is a visit to ancient Knidos. Perhaps better than any other city in the classical world Knidos breathes the atmosphere of the Hellenistic period. Mooring in the ancient commercial harbor one can but marvel at the astonishing feat of engineering which the Hellenistic architects undertook in joining the island to the mainland and setting the city out in a series of vast monumental masonry terraces. Arrayed upon these are the Temple of Apollo Karnaios, a vast Doric stoa, two theaters, various Byzantine churches and the Hellenistic Temple of Aphrodite which housed Praxiteles’ famous statue of the goddess Aphrodite Euploia. Overnight ON BOARD.

  • Day 12 - At Sea

    River or Barge Cruise

    After breakfast sail across the Ceramic Gulf to Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus which was the capital of the King Mausolos whose wife built the Mausoleum in his honor around 350 BC. Afternoon at leisure to visit the remnants of the ancient site of Halicarnassus including the well preserved theater and the newly excavated remains of the tomb of Mausolus, Satrap of Caria in the mid 4th century BC, which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Also you may visit the Castle of St Peter, built by the Knights of St John of Jerusalem and the Castle Museum, which houses the best underwater archeology museum in the world. Overnight ON BOARD.

  • Day 13 - At Sea

    Historical and Educational Tours

    A morning cruising and relaxing along the cost. After lunch cruise south to the ancient city of Iassos and moor in the Roman harbour. We walk in from the ancient harbour to visit the remnants of the classial and Byzintine site of Iassos, beginning with its superb agora, in its present form Roman in design. Being recently excavated, this colonnaded market place is still in good condition, on the one side of which is a well preserved bouleterion, or council chamber, of the polis of Iassos. The city was famous for its fish, then as now, and Alexander granted the city the use of ‘the little sea’, a vast inlet of the gulf. Atop the acropolis are the fragmentary remains of a beautifully situated theatre. Amid the remains of the market place are a number of interesting Byzantine churches. Dinner and overnight ON BOARD.

  • Day 14 - At Sea

    MILETUS (Acts 20:24) & EPHESUS (Acts 18 & 19)
    Historical and Educational Tours

    Morning cruise to Akbuk where we disembark and visit to the cities of the ancient Gulf of Latmos, beginning with Miletus. St Paul sailed into Miletus on his return during his third journey, where he foretold his imprisonment before leaving for Jerusalem. From Miletus we drive to Ephesus, the best preserved of the Seven Churches of Asia. First we visit the House of the Virgin Mary. Tradition has it that Mary spent her last days at Ephesus with St John. There are several churches dedicated to Mary both outside and inside the city. We visit the Roman site with its commercial and State agora, Celsus library, bath houses, temples and colonnaded streets. Parts of the city have been well reconstructed which gives a good impression of Ephesus in the Roman period. The great theatre and the commercial agora , where Demetrius harangued the crowd against St Paul, are still in good condition, and one gets a very powerful atmosphere of those heady times. Paul twice visited Ephesus, on his second and third missionary journey. On the third, he stayed here for three months, preaching in the synagogue. The Doble Church of the Virgin Mary was where the Third Ecumenical Council was held in 431. Early evening we return to Akbuk and our yacht. Farewell dinner on board.

  • Day 15 - On the Bus


    After an early breakfast we continue to Izmir airport for our return flight via Istanbul.

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