Yoga and Costa Rican Eco-Tour:  A Mind Body and Spirit Program for Women of

Travel Idea:

Yoga and Costa Rican Eco-Tour: A Mind Body and Spirit Program for Women of

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Length of trip:

7 days

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from $ 1895

Best travel dates to go:

Nov 06, 2008 to Nov 12, 2008;

Detailed Description of this trip:

Rejuvenation…with a little adventure on the side! Time to slow down and get back into balance. We guarantee you will leave feeling fabulous! Daily yoga classes are offered each morning, and the days vary with either one or two programs offered by Dr. Susan Schliff you may wish to participate in. This retreat is for you, and like-minded travelers to share common interests, and to promote your well being on all levels. Because you are surrounded by Paradise, and all your meals are prepared for you in a healthy, organic, gourmet style…your concern will be only trying to decided if you wish to spend the afternoon relaxing or go out on an all Women adventure for some horseback riding or for a canopy “zip line” tour! This journey is an adventure for all of you…your entire Mind, Body and Spirit. Truly, travel for the journey inside you. This tour is offered to only 14 travelers.

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - San Jose

    Depart for San Jose, Costa Rica.

    Airport greeting and transportation to our Paradise surrounded, low impact, wellness resort, Ama Tierra.

    All-Inclusive Resort

    We will be greeted with a fresh juice smoothie and have time to settle into your casitas and explore the property.

    Food and Dining

    At 6:30, we gather in the dining room to enjoy a delicious family-style dinner cooked by the local chefs. A delicious dessert finishes off our meal.

    All-Inclusive Resort

    After dinner, we gather with the entire group for brief meeting about the week’s agenda, opportunities, and activities. Retire for the evening with a DVD of your choosing from the resort’s in-hotel library. (D)

  • Day 2 - San Jose


    First, a group meditation is available before we move into our day. Our goal with the morning meditations to open the Heart Center with breathing and guided imagery. With the heart chakra open, one is more attune with the higher wisdoms within, and transformation can begin. Morning meditation will be followed with a morning yoga class. Our yoga takes on new depth and beauty being surrounded by the Costa Rican mountains, and morning air.

    Food and Dining

    After yoga, we enjoy a healthy breakfast on
    the balcony overlooking the valley below.


    Later, take a refreshing swim in the pool and get back to nature by hiking to the stream and ocean viewpoint located on the property.


    Next, enjoy the provided light lunch before our first session with Dr. Schliff. Session Highlights: Entrainment- Shifting your Mind towards Attracting Desired Outcomes. Dr. Schilff’s techniques in meditation, guidance, and the hands-on application in this workshop, teach us to change our inner frequency, which allows for positive change in our lives. Entrainment, also known as “mind frequency” is a naturally occurring phenomenon where the human brain has a tendency to change towards the frequency of the dominant external stimuli applied to it. Entrainment has many historical, and often social, manifestations such as drum circles or chanting. Just as staring at a fire combines the rhythm of the right and left brainwaves, sounds with voice or drum were all ways that our ancestors partook in the phenomenon, although participants were obviously oblivious to the method. Crowds at a rock concert, a deep conversation, and being "on the same page" also serve to illustrate how brainwaves can "tune" to certain frequencies. This session will teach you how to create that “hum” within yourself, on your own and attract situations which support your highest good.

    Food and Dining

    Again, dinner is at 6:30, and it promises to be just as delicious as the night before.


    After dinner meet everyone for an enriching and relaxing group meditation lead by Dr. Sue Schilff.


    The rest of the evening is at your leisure. (B, L, D)

  • Day 3 - San Jose


    Sleep in, or meet the sun with meditation and an Aurvedic start to the day, preparing morning rituals, which promote energy and vitality all day long. Afterwards, we will meet outdoors and greet the gift of another day with a series Sun Salutations, before moving on to our full Hatha yoga session with the Rainforest as our 360 view.


    Next, head to Turubari Park, a local eco-adventure park, where you are given a guided tour, complete with explanations of Costa Rican plant and animal life and a fabulous typical Costa Rican lunch. This is an ecoadventure experience with rain forest tours, an aerial tram, butterfly garden where you can see the stunning blue morpho.


    After lunch, we continue with our adventures! At this point you are allowed to choose between a mellow and relaxing horseback ride through the amazing rainforest, marveling at all the sights and sounds, or if adrenalin is more your style… Turubari Park has the best Zip Line course around, which most claim as a definite must-do in Costa Rica! This activity known as the Canopy, takes 90 minutes to complete, and has 8 cables and 12 platforms all which an independent breaking system.


    Back to AmaTierra and relax from your long day by the pool or in your casita. Before dinner (you guessed it--6:30!), enjoy another relaxing yoga class, or if you’re too tired from the day, try a massage or Wellness program offered from the resort.


    Session Highlight: This evening, we meet with Jill, the resort owner for an evening of group toning with Crystal Bowls. This Vibrational Sound Therapy is a type of "energy medicine" that helps to realign the body's subtle energy field and stimulate healthier cell activity. The special quartz crystal Jill uses in her work are tuned to the body's "chakras" or energy centers, and can help to push through stagnant or blocked energy channels in much the same way ultrasound therapy is used to ease pain and even to cleanse clogged arteries. We are very pleased that Jill wishes to join us for this very special evening, as she shares her gift with us. People find it to be a mesmerizing and sensual experience that leaves them feeling renewed and energized, more in harmony with the natural rhythm and flow of the earth's own energy field. This is, by the way, no accident, as the bowls are aligned with the same electromagnetic frequency of the earth and made to resonate with the natural world, which our bodies, when in balance, hum along with. (B, L, D)

  • Day 4 - San Jose

    Beach and Surfing or Shopping day of Leisure.

    The day begins our morning Heart Chakra Meditation and followed with balancing Hatha Yoga.

    Food and Dining

    Prepare your body for a wonderful day with another healthy, organic breakfast.


    Being a day of leisure, the options today are endless. Stay at the resort, and read. Take advantage of the glorious hiking trails around AmaTierra, swim, or go on a little adventure of your own. Or join us for the planned outing today, which takes us to the town and beaches of Jaco, Costa Rica.


    Playa Jacó, is a bustling surf-town that combines just the right amount of tourists and local culture to create a fun, laid back atmosphere. In just the past five or ten years, Jacó has transformed from a sleepy beach town into a popular tourist and surfer destination, rumored to have one of the best surf breaks in Costa Rica. We can help you make arrangements for surfing lessons in Jaco or nearby world famous Hermosa Beach if you want to give surfing a try!


    Return to resort to rest and clean up for dinner, and this evening’s learning session and activities. Session Highlight: Food for Thought- Dr. Susan Schliff has us learning and realizing the simplicity of living our lives in balance and staying in balance. Food for thought applies to our thinking patterns, and works with our individual thoughts, and sources of our thoughts to prepare you with the knowledge to bring energy, wellness and abundance into our live. This wonderful programs shows us in an easy format how to insure great health for our on-going well being. (B, D)

  • Day 5 - San Jose

    Thermal Spring Adventure.

    Begin with another spectular morning in Heart meditation, followed by outdoor morning Yoga.


    Today, we have an exceptional experience to share together. Not far from our resort are some natural, hot thermal springs. We will have our choice of arriving at the springs either by horseback (about an hour each way), or by hiking a few miles in on foot after a short drive, or being dropped off by a staff member from our resort in the company van.


    This experience of the springs allows for some hands on healing, floatation practices, Waitsu and Craniosacral Therapy Healings. Also, in the area, are many natural waterfalls and streams. Splashing around in the cool water feels like Heaven, and returning back to the hot spring feels like Heaven re-invented. A lunch will be provided for us at the springs.

    Food and Dining

    Returning from our adventure, enjoy some fresh fruits, or a smoothie, and take some time to relax.


    Afterwards, we will gather before dinner for a Session with Dr. Schliff. Session Highlight: Cultivating Cheerfulness. The phrase “your Attitude is everything” is such a lost and over used cliché, that the simplicity of bringing joy into your life is overlooked. Living in a world were ‘misery loves company,” family, friends and co-workers all talk of aspects of their lives that are falling apart. Oddly enough, being negative is very popular! Dr. Susan Schliff illustrates how maintaining cheerfulness, attracts more cheerfulness. Cheerfulness promotes wellness. Wellness attracts more wellness and good fortune. Stay cheerful and learn just how important the phrase, “Keep Smiling” really is!

    Food and Dining

    Break for dinner at 6:30.


    The rest of the evening is at your Leisure. Optional activities will be offered. (B, L, D)

  • Day 6 - San Jose

    Tortuga Island Snorkel & Relax

    Another stunning day in Costa Rica begins with our morning Yoga session.


    After breakfast, we spend a day on a snorkeling tour to Tortuga Island. We are transferred to Puntarenas, where Calypso Cruises takes us on a cruising boat to Punta Coral Private Reserve and Tortuga Island.


    Tortuga Island is a tropical white-sand paradise, where will explore the crystal blue reefs and get a closer look at the sea-life with fins and mask. Other activities on the island include beach volleyball and hiking trails within a private rainforest, offering chances to spy on birds, monkeys, insects, and other native Costa-Rican creatures.

    Food and Dining

    We will be served a delicious lunch cooked on an open grill and celebrate each other, this day, and our surroundings with refreshing chilled white wines. A multi-lingual Guide will answer questions we may have, as while we relax and enjoy the ride, sights and sounds!

    Food and Dining

    Upon returning to AmaTierra for our last night, we rest, clean up, and gather for our last dinner together.


    Session Highlight: Soul Dance. Tonight’s session is more of a meeting of your soul…your inner self. Dr. Schliff teaches us Intuitive Insight Training skills, and how to work with our Intuitive selves. How to recognize what our inner selves are saying, how to really listen, and how to find the appropriate responses, which when applied, create a Dance in Life, as if everything is falling into place. Listening and learning from your Intuitive Self, a sacred journey allowing you to find “reason” inside.

    Performing Arts

    This evening, our last together as a group, is celebrated in song, music and dance. We are treated to a Traditional Trio Entertainment evening with Salsa dancing, and a variety of styles of Costa Rican music. (B, L, D)

  • Day 7 - San Jose

    Depart for Home.

    A brief morning session for meditation, then breakfast before we must say our goodbyes and head back a new, re-energized person…ready to attract our desires, all the while incorporating balance and peace into our hectic daily routines.

    Our friends at AmaTierra transport us to the airport in San Jose. (B)

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