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Your Favorite Ride

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4 days

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from $ 0 to $ 2000

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Any time.

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We ride horses from the rose-red city of Petra, and other highlights of the Jordanian culture and history, to the amazing landscape of Namala. We ride down to the magnificent desert of Wadi Araba, and ride through a spectacular red sandstone siq, whose lower reaches are garnished by hanging gardens. We expect you to be an experienced horseman, used to riding outdoors. The horses are mainly full-bred Arabic horses. The tour will be guided by expert Bedouin guides, who are familiar with the trek since childhood. We will cover approximately thirty to thirty five kilometers daily, depending on the territory.

Trip Properties:

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - Jordan

    Petra – Little Petra – Ras Namalah.
    Horseback Riding

    We start early in the morning from Petra, horseback crossing Bedul village to the sand stone age village (little Petra) A classical temple stands guard outside the miniature siq which would appear to have been an important suburb of the city of Petra, situated at the point where several ancient caravan routes met, linking Wadi Araba with Gaza, Egypt and the Mediterranean coast. The narrow file, only some 350 m long, is crammed with tombs, temples, triclinia, houses, water channels and cisterns, in brief, a "Little Petra". Of particular note are the remains of painted frescoes on plaster dating from the 1st century AD, which are to be found in one of the biclinia. And will continue to Siq Um El-Lda, which is canyon the road now passing from it, and cross the amazing cliffs of Ba’aja, we will reach Shkaret Msai’ed and Ras Namala. (24 KM, 6 hrs).


    The views of the surrounding mountains and down to the desert below are outstanding. Where we stay at Bedouin tents.

  • Day 2 - Jordan

    Ras Namala – Wadi Araba – Quraiqara.
    Horseback Riding

    Today we ride down to Wadi Araba, crossing basalt mountains, and observing great views of Wadi Araba from Wadi Namala. Through juniper descent and black mountains, we will get down to Wadi Arabah desert. This section has been known from ancient Biblical times as the Arabah. Beginning at 1292ft below sea level, the valley gradually ascends as it goes southward for 67 miles to a watershed, which rises 660ft above sea level. Ride in the middle of no where and will reach a village in the middle of landscape (Quraiqara village) inhabited by Bedouins. (29 KM, 6 hrs).


    Continue to our campsite with Bedouin family, dinner and overnight.

  • Day 3 - Jordan

    Quraiqara – Copper mines – Wadi Ghuwier – Eco Lodge.
    Horseback Riding

    Breakfast, short ride to biggest copper mines in the world in ancient time, and will entre in Wadi Ghuwier small river in the canyon by horses and ride through a spectacular red sandstone siq whose lower reaches are garnished by hanging gardens. Its water flow changes with the season, but even in the summer it is a splendid route. (20 KM, 5 hrs).


    We will head back to the Fainan eco Lodge rooms. They are unique in design and lit by candles at night, creating an extraordinary Arabesque atmosphere. Dinner and overnight stay.

  • Day 4 - Jordan

    Eco Lodge – Wadi Dana – Dana Village.
    Horseback Riding

    Breakfast at the hotel and ride in Wadi Dana, which is truly a world of natural treasures. You are going to meet some Bedouins and have tea at their tents. The reserve is a system of Wadies and mountains that extends from the upper edge of the Rift Valley. We will continue to the Dana village, which will be the end of the tour.

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