A Tale of Two Canyons

Travel Idea:

A Tale of Two Canyons

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Destination for this trip:

Amman, Jordan; Aqaba, Jordan; Jordan; Karak, Jordan

Length of trip:

9 days

Approximate price of this trip per person:

from $ 0 to $ 3000

Best travel dates to go:

Any time.

Detailed Description of this trip:

If you like adventure and loads of water, this 9-day canyon adventure is your ideal tour. This opportunity is available for a selected number of travellers only, as the entrance to the canyons is limited. The canyons of Wadi Zarqa and Wadi ibn Hammad are indisputably the most beautiful nature spots of Jordan. Hiking through the canyons requires not only a good physical condition, but also the need to be challenged by difficult circumstances. This program can also be booked during the very hot summer since you will always be close to water. Apart from the canyons there will be a visit to the natural springs of Hammamat Ma’in, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. This tour combines adventure with a visit of the historical highlights of Jordan.

Trip Properties:

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - Amman

    Welcome to Amman.

    Flight to Amman and transfer to your hotel.

    Enjoy dinner and stay overnight.

  • Day 2 - Amman


    In the morning you will visit Jerash, the best-preserved city of the Roman empire outside Italy. You will walk in the Oval Plaza surrounded by Colonnades, visit the Roman theatre and Byzantine churches with mosaic-covered floors. Enjoy a stroll along Jerash’ main road the Cardo and pass by the Nymphaeum. You will drive to Madaba, the city of mosaics. The church of Saint George features the mosaic map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, which was found in 1884 when the church was rebuilt. The journey will continue to Mount Nebo, to the place from where Moses first set eye on the Holy Land. You will visit the Moses Memorial Church, which according to many scientists was built on top of Moses´ tomb. Its floor and walls are decorated with beautiful mosaics. At the end of the day our bus will take you back to Amman to visit the old Suq in downtown Amman.

    Food and Dining

    Dinner will be served at your hotel.

  • Day 3 - Karak


    You will depart early for the real water adventure. You will travel to Hammamat Ma’in to bathe in the natural hot springs. Led by experienced local guides you will go for an unforgettable water canyon tour. You will be hiking for four to five hours through Wadi Zarqa, depending on the pace of the group. The trip starts at the spring and ends at the Dead Sea. Hiking along the borders of a small river you will sometimes have to go down on ladders, pass through narrow cliffs and walk or swim in the high water. You will certainly become wet. The bus will meet you at the end of the canyon and transfer you to the Dead Sea Spa hotel for lunch. An excellent opportunity to enjoy swimming, or rather floating at the lowest spot on earth, 400meters below sea level.


    In the afternoon you will continue the tour to Karak, to your next hotel.

  • Day 4 - Karak


    After breakfast you will visit the impressive castle of Karak, built in 1142 by the crusaders. You will walk inside old, dark corridors, halls, kitchens and soldiers’ rooms. Today’s canyon tour features even more beautiful surroundings than yesterday’s. Inside Wadi ibn Hammad you will hike through a subtropical area inside a lava mountain, surrounded by colourful cliffs and palm trees. The tour will take five to six hours.


    After a break in Karak our bus will take you to Petra, to your next accommodation.

    Food and Dining

    In the evening you can enjoy a drink in the Cave Bar, an original Nabatean cave.

  • Day 5 - Jordan


    This day you will spend entirely in the rose-red city of Petra, a wonderful city carved out of natural rocks by the Nabateans. You will enter Petra through the impressive Siq, at the end of which suddenly the Al-Khazneh appears, the Treasury. You will also visit the Royal Tombs, the Silk Tomb and the theatre and climb the stairs all the way up to the Monastery.


    In the afternoon you will be transferred to the campsite in Wadi Rum. Hiking in the beautiful desert where the colours change from red to gold to brown, you are surrounded by giant mountains under a clear blue sky. You can enjoy the crimson sunset sitting on a camel’s back.


    The night is spent in a desert camp.

  • Day 6 - Aqaba


    In the morning you will discover Wadi Rum by jeep. Our guide will show you ancient Nabatean inscriptions in the rocks and the memorials of Lawrence of Arabia.


    In the afternoon the bus will transfer you to Aqaba, the beach town near the Red Sea. The hotel will be downtown.


    You could wander around in the busy tourist city, go shopping in the custom-free zone and enjoy the taste of the traditional Arabic fast foods like shoarma, hummus and falafel.

  • Day 7 - 8 - Aqaba


    The next two days you can spend according to your own wishes. Suggestions: relax after your tiring adventures, swim in the Red Sea and sunbathe at the sandy beaches.


    Or go diving accompanied by the local instructors or rent snorkelling equipment, and watch the unique, colourful life in the clear water of the coral reefs.

  • Day 9 - Amman

    You will be transferred back to Amman and fly back home.

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