Moscow - Volga River - Rostov-on-Don

Travel Idea:

Moscow - Volga River - Rostov-on-Don

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Destination for this trip:

Kazan, Russia; Kostroma, Russian Federation; Moscow, Russia; Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia; Rostov-On-Don, Russia; Russia; Samara, Russian Federation; Saratov, Russia; Volgograd, Russia; Yaroslavl, Russian Federation

Length of trip:

15 days

Approximate price of this trip per person:

from $ 2000 to $ 3000

Best travel dates to go:

Detailed Description of this trip:

This Russia River Cruise adventure will start in Moscow and take you to Rostov-on-Don via the the fabled Volga River. You will see ancient towns Uglich and modern Novgorod, famous Stalingrad (now Volgograd) and much more.

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - Moscow

    Arrive to Moscow.

    You will arrive to Moscow and tranfer to hotel.

    Ocean Cruise

    At night we are welcome you to the ship. After guests embarkation you will have dinner.

  • Day 2 - Moscow

    River or Barge Cruise

    After lunch when you recovered after your jet-leg we will start your exploration of Russia from its heart - Moscow city. We will take you for an interesting city tour where you will view the main streets, squares and places of interest, including the always lively and vivacious Tverskaya Street, the former headquarters of the KGB, the Bolshoy Theatre, the Russian White House, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Red Square, the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed and other major city attractions.
    Dinner on the ship.

  • Day 3 - Moscow


    Excursion to the Moscow Kremlin and Kremlin Cathedrals--the historical center of Moscow. The Kremlin has always been perceived as a symbol of power and might of the Russian land. Each era of Russian history left its architectural mark on the Kremlin. Within the Kremlin walls there are many architectural monuments, churches, cathedrals, museums, etc.

  • Day 4 - Moscow


    This morning you will arrive to Uglich. This is a beautiful small town. The name Uglich is derived from the word "ugol", which means corner, as in the corner where the river turns. The view from the Volga River is lovely, with both the Cathedrals of the Resurrection and St. John's Church on the horizon. In spite of its beauty, the town has a sometimes violent history. In 1591, Ivan the Terrible's son, Tsarevich Dimitry, was murdered here. On your walking tour, you will explore the Church of St. Dmitry-on-the-Blood, built on the spot where his body was found.

  • Day 5 - Yaroslavl


    Again new landscapes appear at your view. We arrived to Yaroslavl - Prince Yaroslavl the Wise founded this city in the 11th century. The long and fascinating history of this city is represented by several structures including the Spassky Monastery, dating from the 13th century. Situated in the city's central square is one of the loveliest cathedrals, the Church of Elijah the Prophet. This popular and well-preserved historical monument celebrated its 350th anniversary last year. *Note: Souvenir shoppers should remember that Yaroslavl is well known for its wooden toys, Matrioshka dolls and lacquer boxes.

  • Day 6 - Kostroma


    You wake up and see onther town, another view. You will be arriving to Kostroma. Kostroma was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1237. It was the first stop of Mongol-Tatars on their way to sack Yaroslavl in 1238. Contemporary Kostroma is a picturesque city with a strong historical atmosphere. Visit the Ipatiev Monastery--a real miracle of architecture, the Romanov's Palace, and the Trade Galleries.

  • Day 7 - Nizhniy Novgorod

    Nizhniy Novgorod.

    You will arrive to a new town of your Volga river root - Nizhniy Novgorod. We will take you for a city-tour with stop at red-brick Kremlin, one of the strongest and earliest preserved citadels in Russia, built in 1508-1511. This is town where the whelthiest merchant family of Russia - Stroganov's based their operations, no wonder you will see numerouse buildings in the town in the Stroganov's style of architecture.

  • Day 8 - Kazan


    Kazan at our view this morning. Let's discover its Kremlin and streets on our city -tour.

  • Day 9 - Russia

    Historical and Educational Tours

    Uliyanovsk - the birth place of communism father in Russia, Vladimir Lenin.


    We will introduce you to this historical period of Russia (Soviet Union in the past) when you visit the Lenin's museum.

  • Day 10 - Samara

    Samara city tour.

    This southern city will enchant you with its nature and beautiful friendly people.

  • Day 11 - Saratov


    Saratov City tour.

  • Day 12 - Volgograd


    See Volgograd and infamous Mamaev Kurgan. Mamaev Kurgan - is the highest point in Volgograd with a height of 102 m. The battles just for this height were the cruelest during the Great Patriotic War. The battle was so fierce that it changed even the mountain relief. After the bloody battles it was bestrewed with pieces of mines, corpses, bombs and shells, remains of fighting machine both of the enemy and the Russian army. And the whole ground was dig over, pitted with shell-holes. The entrance in the temple of Glory to heroes is marked by alto-relievo, representing parade of soldiers.

  • Day 13 - Volgograd

    Volga River.

    Sailing (Volga-Don- Chanel)

  • Day 14 - Rostov-On-Don

    Rostov - on - Don.

    You will arrive to the most southern cities of Volga River - Starocherkask and Rostov-on-Don - where you will have a city tour by bus and visit a museumv of Cossaks.

  • Day 15 - Rostov-On-Don

    Departure to Moscow.
    Ocean Cruise

    Disembarktion from the cruise ship in Rostov-on-Don. Departure to Moscow.

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