Sahara2010 New Years in Tunisia

Travel Idea:

Sahara2010 New Years in Tunisia

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Destination for this trip:

New York, United States; Tozeur, Tunisia; Tunis, Tunisia; Tunisia

Length of trip:

11 days

Approximate price of this trip per person:

from $ 2995

Best travel dates to go:

Any time.

Detailed Description of this trip:

Spend your Winter Vacation in sunny Tunisia and celebrate New Year's Eve in the dunes of the Sahara! Come discover the culture, Roman Ruins, history, and beautiful Mediterranean beaches in Tunisia.

Trip Properties:

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - Dec. 23, 2009 - New York

    Departure from USA, flight to Tunisia
    Depart from your city, flight to Tunisia

    Connection in Rome, Italy

  • Day 2 - Tunis

    Arrival in Tunis, Sidi Bou Said, and visit La Marsa
    Sunny Tunis and Sidi Bou Said

    Breakfast will be served aboard the flight before arriving in Rome at 7:20am. The stopover in Rome is two hours. We'll arrive in sunny and warm Tunis at 10:40am greeted by the crew and offered refreshments. Once we've all boarded the bus and met our driver we'll leave the airport and head to our hotel and get settled into our rooms. After one hour we'll meet together to have lunch in La Marsa and visit the village, galleries, and artisan shops and then head over to
    the charming hilltop village of Sidi Bou Said. In Sidi Bou Said we’ll visit the galleries, stroll
    through the small streets, and enjoy the views. We'll return to our hotel to rest up before having dinner. We’ll meet in the lobby and head over to a fantastic restaurant where we’ll enjoy dinner, introductions, and a sneak preview of our following week.

  • Day 3 - Tunisia

    Bardo Museum, and lovely drive to Sousse and afternoon stroll through the exciting souk and market of Sousse.
    Bardo Museum and Sousse

    This morning we will meet at 9 am and head over to the famous Bardo Museum – holding
    hundreds of ancient Roman mosaics collected from sites all across Tunisia. This museum is the single largest holder of Roman mosaics in the world. After our tour we will then depart for Sousse, an ancient Phoenician sea‐side city. This drive will take us past the Cap Bon towards the Sahel, a beautiful drive among mountains and olive tree plantations. Arriving in Sousse we'll immediately check‐into our hotel and meet to head out for lunch in town. We'll then tour the old Medina with its spiraling souk, mosque, ribat and fresh food market. We'll return to the Hotel to relax and prepare for a big night of great food, music and entertainment for the holiday.

  • Day 4 - Tunisia

    Spend the morning visiting Monastir, and the afternoon to yourself, thalassotherapy treatment
    Monastir / Sousse

    Today we'll take an excursion to Monastir, a sea‐side town just south of Sousse. This town is well‐known in Tunisia as it is the hometown of Former President Habib Bourguiba— a highly revered and liked President. In Monastir we'll take a tour of Habib Bourguiba's Mausoleum, an
    opulent cemetery ground that he built for his family and himself. We'll then tour the magnificent Ribat of Monastir, as well as the Islamic Arts Museum housed inside on the 2nd floor. This former military and religious fort was also featured in a few films due to its very interesting
    architecture and additions. Afterwards we'll enjoy our lunch and then head back to Sousse. You have the afternoon free to yourself to choose from a few activities or relax at the hotel grounds. The group will be split in two, and the first group will have a Thalassotherapy cure and time at the spa. Dinner and evening activities at the hotel tonight.

  • Day 5 - Tunisia

    Today explore the Coliseum of El Jem and have time to yourself in the afternoon.
    El Jem Coliseum / Sousse

    After our breakfast we'll head out on an excursion to the 3rd largest and very well kept Roman Coliseum found in El Jem, only 1 hour away. We'll walk through several chambers and stadiums of the enormous structure learning about the stories and history of this popular venue. After the coliseum, we'll drive over to the El Jem Archeology Museum, housed in a former Roman villa with exhibits both indoors and outdoors. We'll return to Sousse and go directly to enjoy our special lunch. This afternoon the second group will treat themselves to their Thalassotherapy treatment. The rest will have a choice of activities at the hotel. Tonight dinner is at hotel, and our evening activity is out in town.

  • Day 6 - Tunisia

    Journey through the Sahel and visit Gabes and Matmata, famed for the intriguing troglodyte homes.
    Gabes / Matmata

    We'll have our breakfast and check‐out, meeting in the lobby ready to head to the South, a distance along the coast of Tunisia with fantastic views. We'll drive past Sfax, through the Sahel until we reach Gabes. In Gabes we'll enjoy our lunch and walk through this lively oasis‐by the sea
    city and visit the spice market famous to foreigners for its beautiful mounding spice souk, and to Tunisians for its high‐quality black hennah powder. We'll leave and continue south towards the
    Jebel Dahar, or Dahar Mountain range. As we enter Matmata we'll visit a typical troglodyte home, a unique Berber style home, where the natives literally carved out rooms from clay rock creating surreal dwellings. We'll then check‐into our hotel, the style of which imitates the troglodyte homes with charming cave‐like rooms and a large courtyard. We'll give you the choice to relax in the hotel grounds or take a walk through the town and learn more about the culture and history. Dinner and evening activities at the hotel.

  • Day 7 - Tunisia

    Cross the Jebel Dahar and visit the interesting ksour, afterwards take a camel trek to your campsite in Ksar Ghilane.
    Jebel Dahar / Ksar Ghilane

    This morning we are invited for an early morning walk in the mountains. We’ll then return to the hotel for our breakfast in the hotel and check‐out after. We will depart Matmata, heading further south around the mountains stopping for views in Toujane and Metameur. We'll continue south through Medenine until Tataouine where we'll have our lunch. We'll then head to Ksar Ouled Soltane, known for its extensive ghorfas the ksour built on a mountaintop. We'll then continue on our route, stopping to view Douiret for photos and taking a stroll through Chenini. After, we'll continue along a rough track until we leave the mountains and approach the great oriental Erg of the Sahara. As we approach a small oasis, we'll board a camel, leaving our drivers to go directly our campsite while we enjoy a meharée to our destination amidst the dunes. We'll arrive at our campsite, check‐into our hotel and get acquainted to our tent. Spend your evening on the camp grounds, pool, and cafe. Dinner and night activities at the campsite.

  • Day 8 - Tozeur

    Cross the Sahara and the Chott El Jerid salt flat and welcome to the charming oasis town of Tozeur.
    Douz / Chott El Jerid / Tozeur

    Wake‐up early to go to the dunes and watch the sun rise. We'll then return to our campsite and enjoy our breakfast. We'll depart for Douz, the "Gateway to the Sahara" where we'll enjoy our lunch and have time to walk through the town and artisan shops. We'll continue north, crossing the Chott El Jerid salt flat and stop for stories and photos. Continuing through a few small oases, we'll arrive in Tozeur and check into our hotel and settle into our room. We'll meet at 5:30pm in the lobby to board a calèche (horse‐driven carriage). We'll explore the town of Tozeur, the palm grove and finally be dropped off at an enormous tent within the oasis, the site of our dinner and night show. Afterwards our drivers will be waiting for us to bring back to our hotel.

  • Day 9 - Dec. 31st! - Tozeur

    Visit the magnificent Gorges via the Red Lizard train, then see two Oases of the Atlas Mountains, finally celebrate the coming new year tonight!
    Red Lizard train / Chebika & Tamerza / New Year's Eve Celebration!

    This morning we'll wake up refreshed from the clear clean air of the south and the palm grove and excited for the upcoming evening celebrations! We'll head out on an excursion to the Atlas Mountains, first taking an old Bey of Tunisia's train, now dubbed the Red Lizard train, into the
    crevices of the gorges of the Selja. Afterwards we'll head to Tamerza for our lunch and visit the magical oases of Tamerza and Chebika, featuring gorgeous waterfalls, streams, and canyons. After we'll return to Tozeur, 45 minutes from Chebika and go directly to our hotel to relax on the hotel grounds. We'll be prepared for the big celebration at 6:30, meeting in the lobby. We'll depart for the site of Syvestre where we'll have a great night of fun, music, entertainment, food, and of course the countdown!

  • Day 10 - Tozeur

    Visit the old town "Ouled el Hadef" as well as the palm grove, artisan shops, and water source.
    Day in Tozeur

    Happy New Year! This morning we'll meet at 10:00am and start our day with a tour of the town and old village "Ouled El Hadef" famous for its charming streets and incredible clay brickwork. We'll enjoy an authentic Tunisian tea in the old town, with lessons of the darbouka drum for everyone. Afterwards, we'll have our lunch at Restaurant Tozorous and then head into the palm grove and go to Chak Wak Park to tour the park museum and enjoy an afternoon refreshment. We'll return to our hotel to freshen up and relax, until we are ready to head out to Nefta for a bigtraditional southern Tunisian dinner. We’ll return to our hotel for the night.

  • Day 11 - Tunisia

    Journey back north through the gorgeous olive trees and mountains, visit the holy city of Kairouan and arrive in Tunis for last minute shopping and tour of Medina.
    Gafsa / Kairouan / Tunis

    We'll say goodbye to Tozeur as we check‐out and board our 4x4 vehicles for a journey up to Tunis. The drive to Tunis is full of fascinating sites, we’ll see the land transform from infertile to semi‐fertile, to the beautiful rolling green hills of the North. We'll stop in Kairouan for lunch and
    a tour of the Medina and carpet shops. Kairouan is famous in Islam as the 4th holiest city. We'll then continue on our route, only 2 hours to Tunis center. Once we arrive we'll go straight to our hotel to check‐in in our rooms and relax. We'll regroup in the lobby and head out for a tour the
    souk and pick‐up last minute souvenirs. We’ll then head to dinner where we’ll talk about our experiences and enjoy one last fun activity. Afterwards we'll take a last stroll of avenue Habib Bourguiba before retiring to the Hotel and dreaming about our amazing days in Tunisia.

  • Day 12 - Tunis

    Today we depart Tunis, back to the US.
    Departure from Tunis

    We'll meet bright and early for breakfast and check‐out by 8:15am. We'll depart for the airport (only 15 minutes away) and then say our farewells to our crew and drivers. Our flight departs at 11:25am to Rome, from where we'll have a connection of 1 and a half hours, departing for New York at 2:25pm. We'll arrive in New York at 6:00pm EST.

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