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Gambler's Dream- MACAU!
Gambler's Dream- MACAU!

Relax and play in the gambler's haven- Macau. Whether you are there to play the tables or to see the beautiful architecture, there is something for everyone. This trip involves a 1-day connection each way from Beijing and therefore a 1-night hotel stay will be in Beijing going to and from Macau. Macau is small. That is an inescapable fact. Made up of a peninsula and two islands, the area covered by the territory is a mere 250 hectares (5800 acres). So do not blink, or you might miss something! Macau's three islands were originally separate, there is now a two and a half-kilometer (one and a half-mile) long bridge and highway to link the three regions together. Macao might be small, but it is well-developed in the tourism industry, has numerous parks and attractions that cater to the millions of visitors each year. Macau Peninsula Historically, culturally and economically, the peninsula is where it is happening. Its central focus is the busy Largo do Senado . This very Mediterranean town square is surrounded by some of Macau's most famous buildings, including the Leal Senado and the church of Sao Domingos . Shopping is a key element of central city life. St. Dominic's Market fills the alleyways off the Senate Square. Other roads leading off the square are full of shops selling everything from factory overruns to the latest designer gear. Gold shops by the dozen line the main thoroughfare running between the square and the Leal Senado. Overlooking the busy town center from their hillside perches are the historic Monte Fort and the ever-impressive Ruinas de Sao Paulo , both Portugal's calling cards. The Museum of Macau , located within the fort enclosure, is great for some more of that essential Macanese history. Sandwiched between the Ruinas de Sao Paulo and the inner harbor are streets teeming with furniture shops selling Chinese antiques and reproductions, and enticing visitors from all over with made-to-order services and bargain prices.

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