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Untamed Tasmania
Untamed Tasmania

Experience Tasmania’s pristine wilderness from the mountains to the coast on this active exploration of Australia’s island state. Tasmania is a fascinating destination. Over one third of the landmass is protected in National Parks and Reserves and is listed as a World Heritage Area. There are mysterious rainforests with ancient trees and lush vegetation, as well as many amazing plants and animals that can be found nowhere else on earth. The island’s rich history includes European settlements and prisons, as well as a much older aboriginal history. Relax in the comfort of wonderful accommodations and savour the tastes of traditional bush foods and gourmet meals. With your guide, Craig Williams, Tasmania is more than an experience, it's a way of life. He is a Tassie wildife expert, and his very personalized and customizable tours provide unsurpassed wilderness and wildlife encounters with nature. Read what other travelers had to say: "Craig Williams in Tasmania was outstanding. His knowledge of the area and animals was awe-inspiring. My kids still talk about him and thank God for him in their nightly prayers. What a world he opened to all of us." - Laura Kofoid, Family of 4 "I loved Tasmania - it is one of the best places to visit. We saw so much and had so much fun. I was amazed by the variety and the beauty of the different types of forests, and everything seems to flower - trees, bushes, etc. And the wildlife is incredible - Craig's nighttime quoll patrols are unbeatable. Craig (who is a walking encyclopedia) and his wife Janine are wonderful and are very serious about making sure we enjoyed the trip." - Cathy Deonier This trip combines well with our Australia Great Wild South, Discovery Down Under or New Zealand Deluxe Wilderness Explorer trips.

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