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"Assumption of the Artists - A magical trip to Venice"

Submitted by: momma Length of trip: Less than a week
Trip taken: May 2007 No. of people on trip: 3 people

Locations visited:

Western Europe: Venice, Italy

Trip Features:
Culture: Ethnic/Religious, Cityscapes, Museums, Music, Architecture, Landmarks/sightseeing, Art/Antiques, Photography, History

momma took this trip with her Immediate family and also recommends this trip for those traveling with their:
> Alone
> Guy Friends
> Significant other/Spouse
> Girlfriends
> Group of friends

The cost category of this trip was: budget


When my sister-in-law announced that her eldest son was getting married in Venice, I leapt for joy. Not only would it be the first wedding in the family, I would be fulfilling my dream of going to the wondrous city where Titians, Bellinis and Giorgiones were able to viewed in their original surroundings.

We chose our accommodation on the internet by googling "apartments venice". We selected an apartment on the Lido because the wedding ceremonies were being held there. We needed accommodation for five people, since my son and his fiancee joined us, and the apartment was everything we could ask for. It had 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large dining/living room, kitchen and wrap-around terrace. Although the furnishings were dated, all bedding, linen and dishes were provided. It was walking distance to the center of the Lido which had a comprehensive supermarket and many comfortable family-type restaurants and gelato bars on every corner which is the favorite snack of Venice. We paid $1000 euro for 7 days.

The wedding was a fairytale but, to me, even more magical were the indescribable artworks that I had studied about in my school days. The ferry from the Lido to the mainland (San Marco square) was very quick and comfortable. The ferries came often and I never tired of seeing those magnificent buildings come into view as I bobbed on the water. My days in Venice were limited so I couldn't see everything that I wanted but my first stop was the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari which contained the Assumption of the Virgin by Tiziano Vecellio (Titian) who was a contemporary of Michelangelo. It was too incredible because Titian had imagined how light fell on the altar piece - he understood his audience and where they sat. The rose, vermillion and crimson colors of the robes of the Virgin, the Apostles and the Eternal Father are as vivid now as they were in 1516 when he painted it.

The next day we went to Gallerie Dell'accademia Di Venezia, which houses artwork by Giovanni Bellini, Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, and Canaletto. My 84 year old mother-in-law, who is not a regular gallery attendee was totally blown away by the depth and assortment of work by these great artists. To be able to stand right in front of a painting and feel the history and the background left us all speechless.

A total different experience occurred the next day when we arrived at the Guggenheim Museum situated on the Grand Canal in the former home of Peggy Guggenheim, one of the most influential American art collectors of the 20th century. The collection includes masterpieces of Cubism, Futurism, Metaphysical painting, European abstraction, Surrealism, and American Abstract Expressionism. Although I was delighted to be able to see them first-hand nothing replaced the experience of seeing the Venetian masters.

Other highlights of the trip included our visit to the city of Murano, world renowned for the factories of hand-blown glass. I had just finished reading "The City of Falling Angels" by John Berendt which talks about the fire which destroyed the famous Fenice Opera House. The story revolves around the Seguso family which had been glassmakers since the 14th Century, so although there were many factories to choose I intentionally went to that one to buy my souvenirs.

My trip was only a week, but I can't wait to go back. I would recommend that you devote 2 weeks in Venice and its environs including taking a train to Padua to see the frescoes by Giotto in the Scrovegni Chapel.

Just a quick point.... if you're in a hurry to travel from the airport to your hotel, a water taxi is a direct route but is much more expensive. The native way is to take the ferry with your luggage which goes from the Lido to San Marco and on to the airport.

Also, you wouldn't ideally schedule this trip during summer months or during the Venice Biennale or the Film Festival because the city is so small you can't really see anything when the crowds are so large. The streets are cobbled and the laneways narrow so people who are less mobile might find it difficult to get around.

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  • denise


    Beautifully written. I have also visited Venice and in it is indeed a very unique city. I would love to go back someday.

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