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"Top 3 best Cruises in Halong Bay"

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Trip taken: January 2008 No. of people on trip: 1 person

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Far East and Asia: Vietnam

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Bhaya Cruise

Halong Bay is a legendary world just waiting to be explored. Bhaya combines oriental style with contemporary luxury. Together they are the perfect recipe for an enchanting and relaxing holiday. In 1917, Emperor Khai Dinh plied the waters of the Bay in a wonderful wooden junk. Almost a century later you too can embark on a voyage through time – in a ship recreated from the original designs and with impeccable service fit for a King. Reside in one of 40 luxurious cabins or suites, wine and dine in style and enjoy a relaxing – or exhilarating – array of onboard activities. The choice really is yours.

2 days and 1 night itinerary 3 days and 2 nights itinerary.

1. Bhaya Classic


All our deluxe cabins and Suites are well appointed, with traditional Vietnamese hardwood creating luxuriant warmth. Light materials and large windows ensure that each cabin is bright and airy. Hand-crafted hardwood furniture, gold and white fittings, and delicate upholstery further enhance the warmth and light in each cabin.

Deluxe Cabins

Our Deluxe cabin (12.5m2) offers all the amenities necessary for you to feel comfortable: twin beds or a queen-size bed, air-conditioner, wall fan, refrigerator, en-suite bathroom with shower. Each features a picture window, providing added light and memorable views.

Royal Suites

The two sumptuous Royal Suites (16.5m2) are located in the forward section of the upper accommodation deck and offer panoramic 180° views. Each Royal Suite offers all the standard amenities of the Deluxe Cabins, plus a larger ensuite bathroom with bathtub, a plush sofa, extended picture windows and an exclusive, private viewing area on the foredeck.

On Board

The Dining Room & Bar

Dining is a Bhaya Classic highlight. Feast on a wonderful buffet of Vietnamese and International dishes. The elegant Dining Room compliments the mouth-watering and scenic splendor.

Aside from exquisite dishes and an elegant ambience, the Dining Room can be configured for presentations or meetings, parties or weddings, etc.

On board Experience

The Sundeck and Topside Bar

The perfect place to relax, the Topside Bar serves up an impressive variety of cocktails in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. A delightful place to socialize and watch the sun wane away into twilight on the Bay

Beauty Spa and Massage the Beauty Spa and Massage area sets new standards in spa design through its unique combination of natural tones, water elements and traditional Vietnamese style.

On board Activities

Swimming, snorkeling and kayaking in the crystal waters of Ha Long Bay are favored activities for the energetic while morning Tai Chi on the sundeck offers a meditative and uplifting start for the more contemplative. Adventure outings, tour excursions and cooking classes are also available on board.

2. Bhaya Legend


Each Bhaya Legend vessel has either one or two grand Bhaya Suites offering luxury fit for Imperial Royalty. Attentive, personalized service and a maximum four passengers guarantee intimate privacy.

Bhaya Suites

All Suites have double beds and are highlighted in traditional Vietnamese hardwood, creating a luxuriant warmth. Cream trim and large picture windows offering 180° views ensure a bright and lively ambience. Hand-crafted hardwood furniture, gold and white fittings, and delicate upholstery further enhance the warmth and light in each suite.

On Board

The dining / bar area and covered relaxation area offering 320° private views of the spectacular surrounding scenery. With its comfortable lounge chairs, fresh ocean breezes and dazzling views, the Sundeck is the perfect place to lie back and relax in tranquil privacy.

Emeraude cruise


Old world charm resurfaced on the calm water of Halong Bay, Vietnam with the launch of a magnificent five star vessel Emeraude modeled in the tradition of the grand old single wheeled paddle steamer of the colonial era. One of the great natural wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay covers an area of 1,500 km² over which are scattered thousands of limestone islands and grottoes rising from the clear, emerald waters of the Gulf of Tonkin.

Sundeck and Bar

From the 350m2 open upper sun deck, passengers can enjoy a soothing foot massage while sipping a refreshing cocktail and gazing at the rock formations reflected in the crystal clear water of the bay. The Emeraude’s huge paddle wheel opens to reveal a swimming deck offering passengers the opportunity to swim in the calm waters of the bay surrounded by the majestic scenery. At dawn, that most magical time as the sun rises, the soft and graceful movements of a Tai chi class on.

Emeraude Cafe

Located in Bai Chay at the Royal Park Resort, the café connects to the Emeraude's private pier, providing, convenient transitional space for guests to embark on the luxury overnight cruise.

The cafe serves a selection of Western food, including freshly made sandwiches, panini and pizza. Along with an extensive variety of teas, coffees and fresh juices, the café has an excellent wine list, sourced from around the world. A cozy interior and outdoor terrace provides room for up to 70 diners. The café also offers complimentary wireless access for guests and sells a variety of Emeraude souvenir.


The Emeraude’s restaurant offers delicious, freshly caught local seafood and other specialties. While enjoying breathtaking views of the bay, passengers can enjoy the simple and honest flavors.

Paradise Cruise

“The bay of the descending the dragons” is always a fascinating choice for every tourist and family taking a vacation. To make this trip more attractive you can choose the five – star Paradise Cruises. These are high – class cruises that operate around the bay serving the needs of the customers in a professional and sophisticated manner. Cool cocktails and friendly smiles await you at the reception area of Paradise Cruise in Tuan Chau Island. It must be mentioned that Paradise Cruise is the only cruise company that has its own wharf for gathering tourist together before the cruise. The three – storey cruise ship juxtaposed at the harbor welcomes beloved guests who suddenly feel excited and enthusiastic about the trip. In the near future, at this wharf, there will be serve customers, providing a high quality service. “We are doing much to draw visitors not only to come the first time but return again and again, Halong Bay has been acknowledged as one of World’s Natural Wonders and of the most popular tourist spots in Vietnam. “Paradise Cruises are willing to accomplish the mission of offering a brand new, different standard of service, and unique experience to Halong tourism.’ Said Mr. Dao Trong Tuyen, General Director of Paradise Cruises.

At exactly 12.30pm, the Paradise Cruise sets off to discover Halong bay bringing many new surprises. Quite different from previous hurried trips lasting for 4 – 5 hours, this time we spent a cozy happy night together in a “Floating 5 Star boutique hotel”. Do such precious moments enhance living quality in the middle if busy and chaotic life? Is anything more enjoyable than worming your way along pearls and gems of the Holy Dragon bay, watching imposing honey sunlight, children stood on the deck, enjoying the seascape or sunbathed on the deck, reading or listening to music, while their parents enjoyed tasting a glass of red wine on the top floor bar. Just like its name depicts – Paradise Cruises, is a paradise on the sea that offers different ways to contemplate and take in the breathtaking magnificent seascape surroundings. Spacious cabins combined with a balcony are indicative of the toughest customers must be pleased with the sophisticated interior decoration, expelling a home away from home feeling. Furthermore, Paradise Cruise also offers relaxing methods such as spa with hot stones and Jacuzzi with rose or lavender perfume. Thus the more satisfied the customer gets the more professional and enthusiastic and enthusiastic the staff will serve. Paradise Cruise is one of the rare high – class cruises which are administered by a group of professional and experienced foreign manager and staff. Thanks to Lucas – a young French guy who is our cruise manager, communication between host and guest is warm and intimate. As a translator speaking English, French and Spanish, Lucas has inspired foreign tourists to try spring – roll. After partaking in the sumptuous dinner quest can wash down their food with sips of traditional rice wine served by Lucas. Everyone was excited about the Vietnamese Everyone was excited about the Vietnamese wine – tasting custom “One…Two…Three…Zoh!”

Unexpectedly, I felt an absolutely relaxing feeling come over the entire tourist on Paradise Cruise 6999. As we were screaming out aloud “zoh!” like a local person, we were all one together, enjoying the moment forgetting who we were, laughed like children in the peaceful air of adventurous you could try going squid early in the morning on the deck, and enjoy being pampered by the always smiling staff.

24 hours traveling on the sea passed by too quickly. There were only some tens of minutes left before we reached back to the wharf. I wished in my mind that the other quest would never forget the charming heaving sails dotted amongst the thousands of islands and up high, and waves keep on rolling gently, timelessly as they have for a trillion years in the Holy Dragon bay. That is what provides a special and unforgettable memory for tourists who come to the paradise that is Ha Long Bay

This article written by Lanh Nguyen from Vietnam Package Tour

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