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  • "Newport Rhode Island"

    Locations: USA: Newport, Rhode Island

    Submitted by: greengirl

    My husband and I went on a quick get-a-way to Newport, Rhode Island this winter and we loved it! We were a bit skeptical about the weather and were not positive we weren't just throwing the weekend, and the money, down the drain -- but that was certainly not the case. There's plenty to do in Newport ev...

    Trip Features: Culture: Museums, Landmarks/sightseeing, Architecture, History

  • "LBI - Great getaway!"

    Locations: USA: Long Beach Island, NJ

    Submitted by: traygreen

    I took my grown kids and their significant others to Long Beach Island, NJ for a long weekend and it was a fantastic trip. The size of the island makes it easy for everyone to do their own thing but still get quality time together. The food is fabulous and the people are friendly. There's a lot to do ...

    Trip Features: Sport and Adventure: Cycling Beach and Nature: Beach

  • "Norwegian escapade"

    Locations: Western Europe: Norway

    Submitted by: rwalcutt

    My husband and I went to Norway to visit my brother who lives above the Fjords in Oslo. The highlights of the trip included numerous historic sites in oslo, a swim in the Fjords and a trip across to Bergen via train, cable car, boat and bus. Eating in the fish market in bergen was a unique experience. ...

    Trip Features: Sport and Adventure: Hiking/Trekking Culture: Ethnic/Religious, Shopping, Cityscapes, Museums, Music, Architecture, Landmarks/sightseeing, Art/Antiques, Photography Beach and Nature: Beach, Garden

  • "Photo Tour of Antelope Canyon, AZ"

    Locations: USA: Page, AZ

    Susan G.
    Submitted by: Susan G.

    Anyone who lives within driving distance of antelope canyon [Page, AZ] should not miss this one! I am continually baffled by travelers who think that just because something is halfway around the world, it must be terrific--well, maybe so, but there are many terrific things in our big back yard, too! Ant...

    Trip Features: Culture: Photography, Landmarks/sightseeing

  • "History - alive !!"

    Locations: Western Europe: London, England

    Submitted by: markg

    1 week in london- bus tour and walking tour. 6 nights in London - (do not go in the summer very few hotels have air conditioning) saw the bristish museum- treasures and relics from the empire days- the elgin marbles from the parthenon, treasures from india, ireland, scotland, etc. Took a bus and w...

    Trip Features: Culture: Shopping, Cityscapes, Museums, Art/Antiques, Landmarks/sightseeing, History

  • "Alaskan Adventure"

    Locations: USA: Alaska: Juneau, Anchorage, and others

    Submitted by: joanie

    I absolutely recommend a trip to Alaska! The 7 night cruise was awesome and I would urge you to include a land package as well. (Mine was 4 nights.) Princess Cruise Lines was terrific. Beginning in Vancouver, we sailed the ‘Inside Passage” while stopping at three ports (Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan)...

    Trip Features: Culture: Culinary/Gastronomy, Landmarks/sightseeing Beach and Nature: Whale Watching, Wildlife viewing

  • "5 Memorable trips to the Bahamas"

    Locations: Caribbean: Nassau and Paradise Island, Bahamas

    Submitted by: SkyBlue

    I've traveled to the Bahamas five times, each during a different stage of my life. First with my husband, then with our best friends, later with our children, again when they were teens, and the last time with our teen daughter and her friend. The constants are the beautiful weather and beaches, the rela...

    Trip Features: Sport and Adventure: Scuba/Snorkeling, Golf Culture: Dancing, Shopping, Landmarks/sightseeing Well-being: Spa Beach and Nature: Beach, Garden

  • "Go Polynesian in Auckland"

    Locations: Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific: Auckland, New Zealand

    Submitted by: frequent_flyer

    If you want a Polynesian experience in modern context, you gotta try Auckland, New Zealand. My family and I had the most wonderful experience recently in what is actually the largest Polynesian city in the world, a fact not known by many people. Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand (over a mil...

    Trip Features: Culture: Ethnic/Religious, Cityscapes, Landmarks/sightseeing Beach and Nature: Garden

  • "Cosmopolitan Tel Aviv is a must"

    Locations: Middle East and Central Asia: Tel Aviv, Israel

    Submitted by: frequent_flyer

    The TV images of the Middle East are the only ones most people see of Israel - how different these are to the reality of a trip to Tel Aviv, Israel's largest city. Nestled along the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea this bustling city of over one million people pulsates with activity for all kinds of ...

    Trip Features: Culture: Ethnic/Religious, Shopping, Museums, Art/Antiques, Landmarks/sightseeing, Music, Culinary/Gastronomy, History Beach and Nature: Beach

  • "Assumption of the Artists - A magical trip to Venice"

    Locations: Western Europe: Venice, Italy

    Submitted by: momma

    When my sister-in-law announced that her eldest son was getting married in Venice, I leapt for joy. Not only would it be the first wedding in the family, I would be fulfilling my dream of going to the wondrous city where Titians, Bellinis and Giorgiones were able to viewed in their original surroundings....

    Trip Features: Culture: Ethnic/Religious, Cityscapes, Museums, Music, Architecture, Landmarks/sightseeing, Art/Antiques, Photography, History


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