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  • "A special Blend"

    Locations: Far East and Asia: Vietnam

    Submitted by: lanhnguyen

    A cup of traditional lotus-scented tea captures the essence of old Hanoi. Phong Chuong reports on how this luxurious blend of tea is prepared. “A sweet scent spreads cover the lid fine smoke trails from the tiny earthen pot. The soul of the fragrant the tea is strong…” This verse by Vu Hoang Chuong evo...

    Trip Features: Culture: Cityscapes, Culinary/Gastronomy

  • "Sail away with me"

    Locations: Far East and Asia: Vietnam

    Submitted by: lanhnguyen

    Centuries few travels ventured into the maze of islands strewn across Ha Long Bay. Today, visitors from all over the world cruise the bay’s water on boats designed to evoke times gone by Many generations ago, Halong Bay was virtually deserted, a few traders or fish-ermine sailing their brown-sailed junk...

    Trip Features: Beach and Nature: Beach

  • "Ha Long Bay ranks 2nd in top 10 best boat journeys"

    Locations: Far East and Asia: Vietnam

    Submitted by: lanhnguyen

    Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site has been ranked the 2nd among the 10 best boat journeys by the UK’s Lonely Planet Travel Magazine. “Bobbing on the emerald waters of Halong Bay and moving through its 3000-odd limestone islands is simply sublime. The tiny islands are dotted w...

    Trip Features: Beach and Nature: Beach

  • "Spirit houses"

    Locations: Far East and Asia: Vietnam

    Submitted by: lanhnguyen

    The heart of a Katu village is its communal house. Bao Dan visits Vietnam’s Truong Son Mountains to report on these special buildings. People of the Katu ethnic group live in Vietnam’s northern Truong Son mountain range. Their communal houses, or guol, form the heart of a Katu village. Inside these hous...

    Trip Features: Culture: Ethnic/Religious

  • "Adventure Abounds: Walking Boulder"

    Locations: USA: Boulder, CO

    Submitted by: DR01

    With a little travel research about Boulder, Colorado you will be admonished to get outdoors while you are here. I’d be silly to tell you differently. What makes Boulder a special place is its unique location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Get in your car and drive an hour west, and you will leav...

    Trip Features: Sport and Adventure: Climbing, Camping, Hiking/Trekking Culture: Culinary/Gastronomy, Landmarks/sightseeing Beach and Nature: Bird Watching, Wildlife viewing

  • "LBI - Great getaway!"

    Locations: USA: Long Beach Island, NJ

    Submitted by: traygreen

    I took my grown kids and their significant others to Long Beach Island, NJ for a long weekend and it was a fantastic trip. The size of the island makes it easy for everyone to do their own thing but still get quality time together. The food is fabulous and the people are friendly. There's a lot to do ...

    Trip Features: Sport and Adventure: Cycling Beach and Nature: Beach

  • "Photo Tour of Antelope Canyon, AZ"

    Locations: USA: Page, AZ

    Susan G.
    Submitted by: Susan G.

    Anyone who lives within driving distance of antelope canyon [Page, AZ] should not miss this one! I am continually baffled by travelers who think that just because something is halfway around the world, it must be terrific--well, maybe so, but there are many terrific things in our big back yard, too! Ant...

    Trip Features: Culture: Photography, Landmarks/sightseeing

  • ""Mancation" Golf with Your Friends"

    Locations: USA: Myrtle Beach

    R Fleming
    Submitted by: R Fleming

    Mancation - Myrtle Beach Four Average golfers decided to take a trip to Myrtle Beach. The cheapest airline by far, coming from the NY area, was Spirit. It's a budget airline but it does this route all the time. Keep in mind that you MUST rent a car to get around. We stayed at The Breakers, whic...

    Trip Features: Sport and Adventure: Golf

  • "History - alive !!"

    Locations: Western Europe: London, England

    Submitted by: markg

    1 week in london- bus tour and walking tour. 6 nights in London - (do not go in the summer very few hotels have air conditioning) saw the bristish museum- treasures and relics from the empire days- the elgin marbles from the parthenon, treasures from india, ireland, scotland, etc. Took a bus and w...

    Trip Features: Culture: Shopping, Cityscapes, Museums, Art/Antiques, Landmarks/sightseeing, History

  • "Alaskan Adventure"

    Locations: USA: Alaska: Juneau, Anchorage, and others

    Submitted by: joanie

    I absolutely recommend a trip to Alaska! The 7 night cruise was awesome and I would urge you to include a land package as well. (Mine was 4 nights.) Princess Cruise Lines was terrific. Beginning in Vancouver, we sailed the ‘Inside Passage” while stopping at three ports (Skagway, Juneau and Ketchikan)...

    Trip Features: Culture: Culinary/Gastronomy, Landmarks/sightseeing Beach and Nature: Whale Watching, Wildlife viewing


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