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  • "Casket Opening Ceremony, the old custom in modern Vietnam"

    Locations: Far East and Asia: Vietnam

    Submitted by: lanhnguyen

    On a recent morning, exactly at 4 a.m., Nguyen Danh Hoa slung a shovel over one shoulder and strode through dense mist into a graveyard. I followed, curious to witness an ancient custom that demonstrates the durability of old ways in modern-day Vietnam. "This is a job that you do from the heart," expl...

    Trip Features: Culture: Ethnic/Religious, Art/Antiques, Architecture, History

  • "Dolomites Walking Tours With Professional Travel Guide Gary Scott"

    Locations: Western Europe: Italy Dolomites

    Submitted by: DolomitesWal

    On all of Gary Scott's Dolomites Walking Tours / Hiking trips, excellence is the standard: His goal? To provide every trip member with a mind-blowing, never-to-be-forgotten experience. Gary helps journeyers experience international adventure trips that bring them into personal contact with cultures an...

    Trip Features: Sport and Adventure: Cycling, Hiking/Trekking Well-being: Spa, Health

  • "Adventure Abounds: Walking Boulder"

    Locations: USA: Boulder, CO

    Submitted by: DR01

    With a little travel research about Boulder, Colorado you will be admonished to get outdoors while you are here. I’d be silly to tell you differently. What makes Boulder a special place is its unique location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Get in your car and drive an hour west, and you will leav...

    Trip Features: Sport and Adventure: Climbing, Camping, Hiking/Trekking Culture: Culinary/Gastronomy, Landmarks/sightseeing Beach and Nature: Bird Watching, Wildlife viewing

  • "Photo Tour of Antelope Canyon, AZ"

    Locations: USA: Page, AZ

    Susan G.
    Submitted by: Susan G.

    Anyone who lives within driving distance of antelope canyon [Page, AZ] should not miss this one! I am continually baffled by travelers who think that just because something is halfway around the world, it must be terrific--well, maybe so, but there are many terrific things in our big back yard, too! Ant...

    Trip Features: Culture: Photography, Landmarks/sightseeing

  • "5 Memorable trips to the Bahamas"

    Locations: Caribbean: Nassau and Paradise Island, Bahamas

    Submitted by: SkyBlue

    I've traveled to the Bahamas five times, each during a different stage of my life. First with my husband, then with our best friends, later with our children, again when they were teens, and the last time with our teen daughter and her friend. The constants are the beautiful weather and beaches, the rela...

    Trip Features: Sport and Adventure: Scuba/Snorkeling, Golf Culture: Dancing, Shopping, Landmarks/sightseeing Well-being: Spa Beach and Nature: Beach, Garden

  • "Go Polynesian in Auckland"

    Locations: Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific: Auckland, New Zealand

    Submitted by: frequent_flyer

    If you want a Polynesian experience in modern context, you gotta try Auckland, New Zealand. My family and I had the most wonderful experience recently in what is actually the largest Polynesian city in the world, a fact not known by many people. Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand (over a mil...

    Trip Features: Culture: Ethnic/Religious, Cityscapes, Landmarks/sightseeing Beach and Nature: Garden

  • "Assumption of the Artists - A magical trip to Venice"

    Locations: Western Europe: Venice, Italy

    Submitted by: momma

    When my sister-in-law announced that her eldest son was getting married in Venice, I leapt for joy. Not only would it be the first wedding in the family, I would be fulfilling my dream of going to the wondrous city where Titians, Bellinis and Giorgiones were able to viewed in their original surroundings....

    Trip Features: Culture: Ethnic/Religious, Cityscapes, Museums, Music, Architecture, Landmarks/sightseeing, Art/Antiques, Photography, History

  • "New York, New York - a visitor that never sleeps"

    Locations: USA: New York, NY

    Submitted by: momma

    Samuel Johnson once said when you're tired of London, your tired of life. But there's no such thing as being tired of or in New York. When I'm in New York I can live off the air! No matter how many times I fly into New York the excitement is always the same. Nothing can compare to seeing the skylight...

    Trip Features: Culture: Museums, Art/Antiques

  • "Aruba"

    Locations: Caribbean: Aruba

    Carol M
    Submitted by: Carol M

    Our children were 22 and 25 and it had been many years since we all traveled together. When we considered what kind of trip we could plan for only a few days together that wouldn't be hit or miss in terms of weather, we chose Aruba. It didn't disappoint. The weather was fabulous every day, the beaches...

    Trip Features: Sport and Adventure: Kayaking, Scuba/Snorkeling Beach and Nature: Beach

  • "Active 25th Anniversary Trip"

    Locations: USA: New Mexico

    Carol M
    Submitted by: Carol M

    We decided to celebrate our 25th anniversary by taking a physically active but luxury-based trip to New Mexico. We choose Austin-Lehman as the tour group since they specialize in putting together biking, hiking and rafting trips for small groups. The activities were very strenuous, stretched our capab...

    Trip Features: Sport and Adventure: Climbing, Off Roading, Rafting, Cycling, Hiking/Trekking

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