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"Best place to relocate for a family"

  • momof5ive
    Posted: Dec 03, 2022 10:22 PM
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    Madison, WI
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    My daughter currently lives in Madison, WI. She has 4 children living with her and is considering moving out of the state. They also have a German Shepherd. They are renters and both her and her husband have jobs that pay more than minimum wage, but they are still struggling. They would like to move some place safe but with a lower cost of living that will allow them to spend more time outdoors with their children and that has lots of fun things to do year-round. Madison is an okay place to live, but my daughter is afraid of driving in the snow so much that it has genuinely caused her great anxiety these last couple of years. She would like to move someplace down south that would eliminate much of this anxiety for her. They would both need to find new jobs and affordable apartment. Their rent in Madison has gone up three times since they moved there, and she is afraid it will go up again if they stay another year making things even more stretched as it is. Can anyone recommend some great cities she could move to that would be good for a family?


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