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What is Boomerater?

Boomerater is THE destination for Boomers to exchange ideas, advice and first-hand experience with other Boomers - everything from top shopping finds and recommended vacation destinations to financial and relocation advice. By accessing our database of content contributed by other Boomeraters, our members gain valuable, practical information they know they can trust. Whether facing a challenging life decision or embracing a new creative lifestyle, Boomerater can make the journey easier and more rewarding.

Boomers hold a significant and growing power base in our economical and political environment. 78 million strong with buying clout of an estimated $4 trillion annually, Boomers wield enormous power. As a result, Boomers are being barraged with advertising campaigns and advice from self-proclaimed "experts" who profess to know what Boomers want. This leads to messaging that is often off-target, confusing and sometimes laughable. To truly know what Boomers want, you need to ask them - not tell them. And that's what Boomerater is all about. This site is for Boomers, by Boomers, tapping first-hand knowledge from others with similar interests and concerns. Boomerater-written reviews and ratings, forums and other features offer Boomers the opportunity to learn from each other about topics that matter most to them. It’s the perfect first stop in making all of life's decisions.

Boomerater forums:

Ask a question or join an existing discussion in one of our many forums. Share ideas, ask for advice or connect with others who share your interests. There’s a forum for most every topic, but if we’ve missed yours let us know and we'll add it!

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Boomerater special features:

Find your perfect town - Looking to relocate, retire or buy a second home? Check out our database of towns across the U.S. and find out what Boomeraters have to say about places you are considering.

Search for vacation ideas - Whether you're planning the vacation of your dreams or a weekend getaway, start your search by exploring trip ideas submitted by other Boomeraters.

Find a financial advisor - Boomers know planning ahead is critical to ensuring financial security. Boomerater’s database of over 3,500 advisors helps you find a financial advisor in your area. Read what other Boomeraters have to say about their financial advisors and take a minute to rate an advisor you have worked with.

Search for home care - Browse detailed profies of home care providers, senior care, companion services, home health aides and more

Find a lawyer - Search through thousands of attorney profiles across the country, view information about disciplinary sanctions against lawyers, read client reviews and more.

Search our shopping database - Our shopping section is stocked with products recommended by Boomers for Boomers. With products organized by themes (Gadgets & Gizmos, Cool Classics, Around the House, Caring Solutions, Indulge your Passions, Fit for Life and No Less than the Best) and by traditional categories, Boomerater makes it fun and easy to go shopping for products relevant to your interests and needs.

Search for senior housing - Browse detailed profiles of thousands of senior housing communities ranging from assisted living facilities to retirement homes and independent living options.

Search our jobs database - Full-time, part-time and volunteer jobs available across a wide range of industries.

The Boomerater Advantage

Boomerater is designed to help Boomers make informed decisions by providing first-hand advice from other Boomers. Find the ideal gift, take the perfect trip, tackle life’s toughest challenges, all with a LOT of help from your friends... Because Boomers know best!

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