Luxurious 1st Class Rail/ Rhine River Cruise

Travel Idea:

Luxurious 1st Class Rail/ Rhine River Cruise

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Destination for this trip:

Cologne, Germany; Frankfurt, Germany; Germany

Length of trip:

8 days

Approximate price of this trip per person:

from $ 3850

Best travel dates to go:

April, May, June, July

Detailed Description of this trip:

Throw everything you've ever heard or read about exclusive river cruises overboard. With the Premicon Queen, the world's most modern twin cruiser, a new age in luxury river journeys has begun.

Trip Properties:

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - Frankfurt

    High-Speed-train to Cologne
    High-Speed-train to Cologne
    River or Barge Cruise

    Take the train to Köln (Cologne), which is only one hour by High-Speed-train from Frankfurt International Airport. Disembark at the main station right next to Cologne´s most famous landmark, the Kölner Dom (cathedral) which is the largest gothic church in northern Europe, taking 632 years to build! Cologne looks back at over two thousand years of history, and there is something “historical” to see at almost every corner.

  • Day 2 - Cologne

    Free day for sightseeing in Cologne, Boarding
    Free time for sightseeing in Cologne

    Cologne is the “city of churches”, in no other German city are so many churches within the realms of the old city wall. Then there is the Rathaus (townhall), built around 1330, and some towers and parts of the old city wall are still to be seen. Take a day to explore this truly interesting city and enjoy modern life surrounded by history’s influence.

    Enjoy this marvelous City of Cologne situated on the Rhine River Banks. You may leave your baggage at the hotel from where in the evening a private transfer will take you to the pier of the Premicon Queen.

    Dinner will be served on board of the Premicon Queen. At night you start the River Cruise from Cologne (Germany) to Basel (Switzerland). Your will be accommodated in a Junior Suite (upgrade to Deluxe Suite and Queen Suite is available).

  • Day 3-5 - Germany

    Rhine River Cruise

    Your Cruise on board the Premicon Queen takes you upwards the Rhine River to Basel (Switzerland). You will see the most scenic landscapes such as the Upper Rhine Valley (am UNESCO World Heritage Site) and German cities like Koblenz, Ruedesheim and Speyer, the French city of Strasbourg and the Swiss City of Basel.

  • Day 6 -

    In the morning you will arrive in Basel.
    Free time for sightseeing in Basel
    River or Barge Cruise

    In the morning you will arrive in Basel. After breakfast a private transfer will take you to your hotel in Basel.

    Enjoy your free time for sightseeing in Basel.

  • Day 7 -

    1st-class High-Speed-train from Basel to Freiburg
    1st-class High-Speed-train from Basel to Freiburg

    The trains takes you to the Historic Highlight City of Freiburg.

    Free time for sightseeing in Freiburg

    Today Freiburg is a cheerful "little big city" with southern flair and a charming mix of tradition and progress. It's a German city with an almost Mediterranean climate and certainly the attending ambiance and joie de vivre. France, after all, is just 25 kilometers (15 miles) away. The Austrians also left their cultural fingerprint here thanks to the city's 400 years as part of the Habsburg Empire. The site of this cosmopolitan university town is unmatched: right at the foot of the Black Forest and in the middle of the "three-country corner" where Germany, France and Switzerland meet. With the Vosges and the Alps nearby, a climate reminiscent of Lugano and a renowned thermal mineral bath and spa resort, its location is a natural attraction. In Freiburg, you encounter historic sights at every corner.

    The Cathedral Square is surrounded by impressive buildings, the tallest of which is the steep-roofed historical Kaufhaus (Old Merchants' House) with its colorfully adorned bartizans. Sights worth visiting include the Old and New Town Halls, the Haus zum Walfisch (House of the Whale) with its superb late Gothic portal, the Basler Hof (Basel Court) and the two medieval city gates (Martinstor and Schwabentor) still standing today. Picturesquely encircling the magnificent Gothic Cathedral begun in 1200, the medieval Old Quarter features architectural treasures including a colorful marketplace, twisting, narrow lanes and miniature streams flowing through the streets and alleyways. The cathedral's 381-foot tower ranks among the masterworks of Gothic architecture, distinguishing Freiburg's incomparable silhouette. If you attempt to climb the Cathedral tower, you'll be rewarded at the pinnacle of your climb with a breathtaking view. And even at such lofty heights, the enchanting ambiance of this old university town is palpable. The old city center's numerous historical monuments, museums, theaters, cozy restaurants and quaint bars all make this city so popular among students and visitors alike.

    You will quickly note a unique city feature, the so-called Bächle - or little streams - built nearly 600 years ago as a water supply and to fight fires. The water flows down to the Rhine, providing a way for tired backpackers to cool their feet and a race course for kids with rubber ducks. These babbling little streams offer a charming and often whimsical air to the Old Town. The city was an historically important center of commerce, and the historic Merchant's Hall (1520-30) is a symbol of the significance of trade in medieval Freiburg. The municipal market, customs and financial administration building is identified as a center of trade by its arcades hall, and its façade is decorated with coats of arms and statues indicating the city's links with the House of Habsburg. A popular day trip within the city limits is the Schauinsland, Freiburg's 4,213-foot "hometown" mountain. The scenery viewed from the cable car running to the summit spans far out over the Rhine plain, past vineyard hills toward the gray-silhouetted backdrop of the French Vosges mountain range. From the summit, the view extends deep into the Black Forest and south to the Alps. Tiny villages, with their red roofs and narrow steeples, and ivy-draped castle ruins perfect this idealistically quaint setting.

  • Day 6 -

    1st-class High-Speed-train from Freiburg to Frankfurt Airport
    Freiburg to Frankfurt Airport

    The trains takes you from Freiburg to Frankfurt Airport.

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