Nelson Mandela: Traditions and  Nature and the Indian Ocean

Travel Idea:

Nelson Mandela: Traditions and Nature and the Indian Ocean

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Length of trip:

5 days

Approximate price of this trip per person:

from $ 500 to $ 1000

Best travel dates to go:

Any time.

Detailed Description of this trip:

During our South Africa Cultural Tours, we will introduce you to the people, history, culture, customs, traditions, lifestyle that have made South Africa into what it is today. Visit the village where Nelson Mandela grew up, and tour the Nelson Mandela Museum during this Nelson Mandela: Traditions and Nature and the Indian Ocean tour.

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - East London

    Meet guests in East London Airport and drive to Alice, check in at Mak & Mak guest house.

    Arts, Crafts and Antiques

    We will visit the breathtaking art work collection at the Art Gallery in Fort Hare University. The art work on display were created by African artists. This art work depicts life in the Townships and rural areas as well as life during the struggle. We will also see the African National Congress Archives.

    Food and Dining

    Traditional Xhosa dancing will entertain us as we taste Traditional food and have the opportunity to meet some Historians.


    Overnight at Mak&Mak guest house.

  • Day 2 - South Africa

    Private Car Service

    Have breakfast and leave for King Williams Town.


    On the way we will visit the King's Palace, a palace which belongs to the King of the Xhosa's living in the region. We will then visit Steve Biko's home and his grave located in the Steve Biko Garden of Remembrance. Steve Biko died in the hands of the South African Police during the struggle for the liberation of an oppressed South Africa. We will also visit the Bisho Massacre Memorial where 28 African National Congress marchers were gunned down by Ex. Ciskei soldiers while on a peaceful march in protest against the Ciskei Homeland.


    We will then visit the Amatole Museum, popular for its natural history and for being the last resting place for "Huberta" the Hippo who is known worldwide for her wondering in the 1930's.


    In the afternoon, we will have the opportunity to meet with the people of the village in their shopping area and in the taxi rank. These villages only shop on the outskirts of town because they don't want to go deep in to the town.


    Overnight at Amatole view guest house.

  • Day 3 - South Africa


    We will have breakfast and then leave for the Wild Coast via Kei Mouth. There we will cross the river Kei on a pontoon to the Ex. Transkei homeland. You will be able to experience the real Xhosa way of living.


    On the way we will able to see Qunu, Nelson Mandela's home village, his home, visit the Nelson Mandela museum and the scenic route to Coffee Bay where we will spend the night.


    Stay overnight at Coffee bay.

  • Day 4 - South Africa


    We will have breakfast and enjoy activities here e.g. 4x4 drives to villages, sangomas (traditional doctors), walking trails, fishing etc.

  • Day 5 - Umtata

    Private Car Service

    Have breakfast and drive to Umtata. We will then drive to the Umtata airport, drop off guests.


    If time permits we can stop at the Nelson Mandela Museum.

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