Wild Coast Meander

Travel Idea:

Wild Coast Meander

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Length of trip:

6 days

Approximate price of this trip per person:

from $ 500 to $ 1200

Best travel dates to go:

Any time.

Detailed Description of this trip:

This unique Trail offers you the opportunity to walk a section of the magnificent Wild Coast, a nature lover’s paradise. You will encounter long lonely beaches, river estuaries teeming with marine life, river fauna and majestic views. The trail covers a distance of about 55 km and offers some interesting and challenging aspects with river crossings, hiking over headlands, beach walking and crossing the Kei River on a pontoon. Every night is spent in comfort at one of the Wild Coast Hotels, where you enjoy wonderful cuisine and warm hospitality. As the daily distances are very average and the terrain relatively easy, no great fitness is required. Local guides are used.

Trip Properties:

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - East London

    Private Car Service

    Guests are collected at East London Airport or hotels at 8.30am and transferred to Kob Inn. This is a 4-hour journey over a bumpy and dusty road.

    Small Ship or Yacht Cruise

    Tide permitting enjoy a boat cruise up the Qora river before dinner.

  • Day 2 - South Africa


    Today hikers walk a forest trail next to the Qora River, swim, paddle or just explore.


    As this distance is only 6 km, lunch can be enjoyed at Kob Inn or en route to Mazeppa Bay Hotel where you overnight.

  • Day 3 - South Africa


    After breakfast guests depart for Wavecrest.
    This day takes you along grassy banks adjacent to the coastline with many natural springs and long sandy beaches fringed with palms and many indigenous trees. This is the longest day with the distance being 21 km, the terrain is however friendly.

    River or Barge Cruise

    Enjoy a cruise up the Nxaxo River, or paddle up the river in a canoe as this gives one an ideal opportunity for wonderful birding.

  • Day 4 - South Africa


    After breakfast there should be time for a boat trip up the second arm of the river to see the Mangrove swamps.


    Today’s hike is about 14 km. and you should reach the shipwrecked Jacaranda by lunchtime, which is a lovely spot for a swim. A further 7 km will bring you to the Qolora River mouth and Trennery’s.

  • Day 5 - South Africa


    After breakfast, you depart for a 6 km stretch along the beach to the Kei river. The river crossing is made on the pontoon. The trail then takes you around a headland to Morgan Bay, which is another 6 km.

  • Day 6 - East London

    Private Car Service

    After breakfast hikers will be transferred back to East London.

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