Viking Cruise Line's Cultural Delights cruise/tour

Travel Idea:

Viking Cruise Line's Cultural Delights cruise/tour

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Destination for this trip:

Beijing, China; China; Chongqing, China; Shanghai, China; Xian, China

Length of trip:

17 days

Approximate price of this trip per person:

from $ 4149

Best travel dates to go:

May 08, 2010 to May 25, 2010;

Detailed Description of this trip:

An amazing combination of land and river travel, highlighting cultural and historical sights along the way. We'll start in Shanghai and end in Beijing with a 10-night cruise on the Yangtze river in-between.

Trip Properties:

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - Shanghai

    Arrive in Shanghai and transfer to your hotel.
  • Day 2 - Shanghai

    Enjoy a tour of Old Shanghai, visit the Shanghai Museum and have free time to explore on your own.
  • Day 3 - Shanghai

    After breakfast, ride to Suzhou, nicknamed “Venice of the East” for its intricate canals. Take a guided walk through the Old Town and along the city’s canals, and then tour a silk factory and the exquisite Fishermen’s Garden. After lunch, ride to Nanjing to board your ship. You are welcomed aboard with a Western dinner.
  • Day 4 - China

    Marvel at the tranquil beauty of Mt. Jiu Hua, one of only four sacred Buddhist mountains. Visit one of the area’s Buddhist temples, then return aboard for dinner.
  • Day 5 - China

    Today, visit the Ceramic History Museum in Jingdezhen, dubbed “the Porcelain Capital” due to its 1,700-year history of making pottery. Learn how ceramics were produced in ancient times and their significance to each dynasty.
  • Day 6-12 - China

    Continue your river cruise with stops and excursions each day, including a tour of the Three-Gorges Dam.
  • Day 13 - Chongqing

    Disembark at Chongqing and fly to Xian, key city of the Tang Dynasty.
  • Day 14 - Xian

    After breakfast, tour the mausoleum where Emperor Qin Shi Huang was laid to rest over 2,000 years ago. Marvel at the thousands of life-sized terra cotta warriors, archers, infantrymen and horses provided to accompany him into the afterlife. After lunch, fly to Beijing, China’s former imperial capital whose rich history dates back more than 3,000 years. Check in to your hotel.
  • Day 15-17 - Beijing

    Enjoy escorted tours, including trips to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, with free time to explore on your own.

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