Doring River Hiking- Back Packing Safari

Travel Idea:

Doring River Hiking- Back Packing Safari

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Length of trip:

7 days

Approximate price of this trip per person:

from $ 1500 to $ 4000

Best travel dates to go:

Any time.

Detailed Description of this trip:

A unique hiking Safari according to the age-old African tradition. For 5 - 6 days, you'll enjoy the wonder of the African Mountains, rivers, veld and sky. Carriers will see to the extra equipment whilst you can enjoy a relaxing walk.

Trip Properties:

Trip Itinerary:

  • Trip Itinerary & Highlights - South Africa


    South Africa is world famous for hiking and we are blessed with diverse and amazing trails of various length, difficulty and surrounds. We are in the fortunate position where our head quarters - the guest farm De Brug, lies nestled at the end point of an amazing hiking route.

    The Route:

    Depending of the duration of your stay, your fitness and your choice, we offer various routes. The starting points differ but the last 30 - 40 km are the same stretch of route. We basically follow the Doring River as it meanders through the Northern Cederberg Mountain range. On the longer routes, we start in the totally secluded valley of the Kobee Mountains. We follow the Oorlogskloof River for 2 - 3 days until it joins up with the Doring River. From there, it is the same route back to De Brug.

    The Area:

    The Cederberg Mountain Range is unique in it's rugged sandstone formations. This area use to be the hunting ground of the San peoples. (The Bushmen) Parts of the Cederberg Range is a National Conservation area where all sorts of wild animals abound. The route we follow is situated in an area which is undeveloped and mostly unspoiled by man. Except for one or more dwelling place, it is totally uninhabited.
    We have more than 100 different species of birds in the area and they are in abundance. The plant life is amazing with an estimated 3000 species in the area. The water is unpolluted and fresh with 7 indigenous fish species. How about having leopards for sleeping partners? We also have an astonishing wildlife in this area. The area is mostly isolated from any outside interference and is safe and unspoiled.


    This is a route for the healthy and the fit. You must be able to walk at least 10 - 15 km every day on unmarked trails. At times, it might be necessary to wade rivers and to cross over high cliffs. Under no circumstances will your life be endangered at all. It is expected of you to carry your personal belongings and a bit or equipment. Usually this fits in a daypack - it should not weigh more than 10 km. All our equipment and food must be carried by porters as the area is secluded and unspoiled by development. We do not need to take water along for we follow one of the tributaries of the Doring River or the River itself and the water is unpolluted and good for drinking. We do take tablets along to treat the water if necessary.

    The Service:

    You will be accompanied by a registered tour guide who knows the area and the conditions well. This person will be armed to render the necessary protection. The guide is also a competent chef and qualified in First Aid in case of a medical emergency. According to the size of the group, there will be porters to handle the extra equipment and foodstuffs.


    We usually break camp between 07:00h and 0:900h - depending on the time of year. We walk for about 4 hours and then have a long lunch break. During the walk, we rest 15 minutes of every hour. This gives us an easy 10-km for the morning's shift. Depending on the heat, we start walking during the afternoon and try to do another 2 - 3 hours.


    This bring the total of the day to about 15 km. About an hour before sunset, we look for a suitable campsite. The tents are pitched and beds are made. A nice campfire is build and enough wood is gathered for the night. Then it is time for a nice relaxing swim, a bit of a wash and time to enjoy a hearty meal cooked on the campfire.

    The Food:
    Food and Dining

    For breakfast, we usually have cereal with milk and coffee or tea with some rusks. During the morning's walk, we rest every 45 minutes and have a snack, a fruit or a cookie to eat. Usually it is quite hot by lunchtime so we have a light meal of tinned meats with salad. We have enough time before supper to prepare a full meal. This can be freshly baked bread with various types of jam (marmalade), a stew cooked on the campfire or a braai (barbecue). The sumptuous meal is rounded off with some desert. We also supply a limited amount of beer's, sodas and wine during supper.

    The Requirements:

    As this is no "stroll-in-the-park", it is expected of the guest to be reasonable fit and healthy. This is not for "grumpy-old-men" or for "crying-old-women" and so we prefer guests that are looking for a real African Safari in the true sense of the word. There will be no showers on the hike and no flushing toilets. There will be no comfortable chairs, air-conditioned rooms, TV's to watch or shops to pamper yourselves along the way. Depending on the length of hike you choose, we'll leave civilization behind us as we descend into the isolated and unspoiled Doring River Valley. We'll camp on sandbanks or under hollow rocks, we'll use the veld as our "natural" toilets, the amazingly diverse biosphere will be our entertainment and at night, we'll marvel at the African skies.

    Bed & Breakfast

    This is the best we can offer - specialized, real Africa and personal. Anything more is not for real. After completion of the hike, we'll house you in our guest cottage where you can relax your weary bones and enjoy all the wonders of modern appliances.


    In conjunction with this hike, we can do a wine-tasting tour of the Olifants River Valley Vineries; a visit to Lambertsbaai and the Muisbosskerm eatery; a micro-plain flight; a parachute training course; snorkeling and rock angling along the West Coast or any of our 15 or more existing safaris - you are welcome!


    This all depends on where we must pick you up and drop you off on completion of the hike. Also on whether you have your own hiking gear etc. A typical excursion of 7 days that starts and ends in Cape Town, including a 4-day hike with everything supplied and a visit to a winery and Lambertsbaai will cost 700 Euro per person. A minimum of 2 persons is necessary. If you do the longer hike of 7 - 8 days and no excursions are included afterwards, but still needs transport to and from Cape Town, the price is about 600 Euro. Depending on your needs and wants, you can do an amazing hiking Safari for as little as 200 Euro. See you soon!

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