Tahiti & South Pacific

Travel Idea:

Tahiti & South Pacific

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Destination for this trip:

Moorea, French Polynesia; Papeete, French Polynesia

Length of trip:

12 days

Approximate price of this trip per person:

from $ 900 to $ 2600

Best travel dates to go:

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

Detailed Description of this trip:

Fabulous cruise for 10 days on the South Pacific. This adventure starts with a flight from Newark, NJ to Los Angeles, CA (which will add another day to your trip), the next morning jump on a flight from LA, CA to Papeete, Tahiti where you will board the cruise ship and begin your 5 port visit. You will enjoy a two days stay in each port from Papeete to Bora Bora, which will surely leave you satisfied.

Trip Properties:

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - On the Plane

    Travel from Newark, New Jersey to Los Angeles, CA
    Pre-cruise day in Los Angeles, CA

    Leave from New Jersey to arrive in LA, CA the day prior to leaving for cruise. When you arrive at the hotel, enjoy a day of sightseeing and exploration before returning back to the hotel where you will spend the night.

  • Day 2-3 - Papeete

    Flight out of LA, CA to Papeete, Tahiti.
    Boarded Cruise Ship
    Commercial Flight

    Fly from LA to Papeete, Tahiti on Hawaiian Airlines. Start your journey on sea the second you step onboard! During your two days in Papeete, enjoy shore excursions, shopping and sightseeing. Papeete is famous for its Black Pearls, and lagoons.

  • Day 4-5 - Moorea

    Sail to Moorea, South Pacific
    Cruising to Moorea
    Ocean Cruise

    Leave Papeete, Tahiti and sailed on up to Moorea for two days of sun and fun. Moorea is called "the garden island", heart shaped and holder of treasures. Activities include: snorkeling, shopping and sunbathing.

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