Bountiful Brazil

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Bountiful Brazil

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Length of trip:

9 days

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from $ 3195

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Any time.

Detailed Description of this trip:

Brazil is very different in language, customs, culture, and environments from the rest of South America. In Rio de Janeiro you will plunge into the cultural experience of its beaches, vistas, and surprising natural environments along with the cuisine, music, dance, and culture that reflect its Afro-Portuguese-European melting pot heritage. Then continue to Iguazu Falls, a series of awe-inspiring waterfalls in the middle of a lush rainforest, which formed 150 million years ago. Finally, experience the Pantanal, which is considered to be the world's largest ecological reservation. It is by far the best wildlife viewing for the casual wildlife observer and the avid birder alike.

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - Rio De Janeiro

    The allure of Rio de Janeiro has been attracting foreign visitors since the 16th century. Rio’s background of mountains, ocean, and lush tropical vegetation delights the eye while the sophisticated pleasures of Rio’s restaurants engage the palate. Upon arrival, you will be met and transferred to your local hotel, the Orla Copacabana (or similar), which faces the famout Copacabana Beach and is a fifteen-minute walk from Ipanema Beach.


    Stay in Orla Copacabana Hotel.

  • Day 2 - Rio De Janeiro

    Sugar Loaf Mountain.

    After breakfast your guide will take you to explore Sugar Loaf Mountain, a dramatic granite rock and a well-known Rio landmark. You take the first of two cable cars to the smaller of the mountains off the coast of Rio. Walk around the flowered walkways enjoying the magnificent view.


    Then continue up to the second cable car to the summit of the second mountain. The view of the city of Rio from this peak is breathtaking, at 395 meters above the city.

    Food and Dining

    On the way back, you will stop for lunch at a famous Brazilian barbecue.


    Enjoy the afternoon at your leisure.


    Stay in Orla Copacabana Hotel. Meals: Breakfast

  • Day 3 - Rio De Janeiro

    Rio De Janeiro & Corcovado.

    Today, visit Tijuca Forest, known as the largest urban forest on earth. From the base of Corcovado Mountain you will board the cog-rail train that will take you through the Tijuca Forest to the top of the mountain.


    At the top stands the 125 ft Christ the Redeemer statue with its arms outstretched over the city. The view of the ocean, the city, and the lagoon are spectacular from this vantage point. At this point it will be possible to admire the three aspects of the so-called “Marvelous City” which are the city, the mountain, and the sea.


    Your guide will take you through the forest to park to see its highlights, and you may hike up Tijuca Peak - Rio’s highest at 3300 feet.


    This afternoon, visit the charming district of Santa Teresa, with cobblestone streets, old, unique homes and Rio’s last surviving tram line.


    At the end of the tour you will return to your hotel. Meals: Breakfast

  • Day 4 - Iguazu

    Rio - Iguazu Falls.
    Commercial Flight

    You will be transferred to the airport for your flight to Iguazu Falls.

    Upon arrival in the afternoon, you will be met and transferred to your hotel.


    The rest of the day is at your leisure.


    This is a place where Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina come together, and where the Iguazu River flows into the Parana River. The name “Iguazu” means “Great Water” in the Tupi Guarani indigenous language. There are 19 large falls, which can be best seen from the Brazilian side. The roar of its 260 cataracts, some of which reach a height of 250 feet, can be heard 20 miles away. There are rainbows, bands of butterflies, and flocks of birds, and all around you the air vibrates as thundering water dissipates into clouds. And then, there is Iguazu Falls, with all its majesty and might.


    Stay in Hotel Tropical, located close to the falls, for the next two nights. Meals: Breakfast

  • Day 5 - Iguazu

    Iguazu Falls.
    National Parks

    Your guide will take you to the falls on the Brazilian side this morning. You will drive to the National Park, where you will continue along a paved road to the magnificent waterfalls.


    Begin a walking tour along a catwalk of about a kilometer in length, which takes you along gorgeous scenery and ends with an encounter with the Devil’s Throat and main falls. Your tour ends at the upper part of Iguazu Falls via a panoramic elevator and the Port Canoas, a pleasant lookout with views of the upper Iguazu River.


    In the afternoon enjoy the Macuco Safari Tour. Begin the adventure at the Macuco Trail in the Brazilian National Park, just three kilometers from Iguazu Falls. Open air wagons pulled by jeeps allow you to have an unhindered view of this lush, subtropical ecosystem and its abundance of birds, mammals, orchids, and butterflies.


    After a short ride, you will hike down the canyon where the Macuco Falls tumble over basalt cliffs into the Iguazu Basin.


    Upon arrival at the river, you will board specially designed twin-engine inflatable boats for a 20- to 30-minute ride up the canyon to the Garganta do Diabo (Devil's Throat). The Iguazu River forms the border between the Brazilian and Argentinean National Parks, and these boats are the only means of penetrating this wilderness environment. On the boat ride, you will maneuver through the rapids for a breathtaking view from below the fall. Prepare to get wet! Meals: Breakfast

  • Day 6 - Campo Grande

    Iguazu Falls - Campo Grande.
    Commercial Flight

    To the south of the Amazon Basin in Brazil lies one of the world’s least-known but most extraordinary natural areas: the Pantanal. Depart early for your flights to Campo Grande, known as the gateway to the Pantanal, via Sao Paulo.

    Upon arrival, you will be met and transferred to Refúgio da Ilha (About 3 hours overland), a former farmhouse located on an island in the Salobra River delta.


    The rest of the day is at leisure to enjoy this charming lodge.


    The Pantanal is an enormous grassland covering over 89,000 square miles. In some ways it is comparable to the savannas of Africa with its vast prairies divided by lazy meandering rivers forested at the water’s edge. The area is also teeming with life. Along the rivers there are clouds of birds that chatter and cavort in rookeries of thousands of nests.


    There are countless caiman (South America's crocodiles) lounging and snoozing on the beaches in full view and rather unconcerned about the presence of people. Herds of 150-pound capybara, which are giant guinea-pig-like rodents, graze near the waters’ edge. Roaming the sea of grass from horizon to horizon is a fantastic collection of mammals, including the giant anteater, the jaguar, marsh deer, and wild peccaries.


    Stay at Refúgio da Ilha. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

  • Day 7-8 - Brazil


    Spend these two days getting in touch with nature. The Refúgio da Ilha is located in the southern portion of the Pantanal, surrounded by stunning beauty and one of the richest ecosystems on the planet.


    In this ecological paradise the sound of the birds at dawn, the enchantment of the waters, the blue sky, the breathtaking sunset, horseback riding through the forests and wetlands, trails totally immersed in nature, flights of birds, Brazilian otters playing by the river, alligators enjoying the sun... will give you unique and unforgettable moments.


    All activities will be led by experienced guides, who will describe the animals and the plants of this immense wildlife sanctuary and explain the workings of this unique ecosystem. Activities are scheduled according to group sizes and weather conditions.


    Your accommodations will be in one of six rooms equipped with air conditioning, ceiling fans, screened windows and a private bath. You’re in the Pantanal, but you’re definitely not roughing it!
    Meals: 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 2 Dinners

  • Day 9 - Brazil

    Pantanal - Onward.
    Commercial Flight

    After breakfast you will be transferred back to Campo Grande (approximately 4 hours) for your flight to Sao Paulo or to Rio.

    From here, you will catch your onward flight. (An additional hotel night may be necessary depending on international connections.) Meals: Breakfast

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