Alaskan Fishing: Salmon

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Alaskan Fishing: Salmon

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Alaska, United States

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from $ 0 to $ 2000

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June, July, August, September

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Our Lodge is only designated trophy rainbow trout area in Alaska and is host to the largest run of salmon in the world. Silver/ Coho Average size: 10-14 pounds State record: 26 lbs. 0 oz. The silver salmon has been labeled as the most acrobatic of the Pacific Salmon. They frequently will explode out of the water and tail walk for several feet. Season: The silver run starts the 2nd week in August to 1st week in September. Pink/ Humpy Average size: 4-7 pounds State record: 12 lbs. 9 oz. Although these are the smallest of the Pacific Salmon they are probably the most aggressive and it is not unusual to hook into a humpy on every other cast. Season: Pink Salmon run on even numbered years and the start of their run is mid July and lasts through the first week in August. Red/ Sockeye Average size: 8-12 pounds State record: 16 lbs. 0 oz. This is the hardest fighting of all of the Pacific salmon and if these fish grew any larger it would be nearly impossible to land them. Besides being the hardest fighting they are unquestionably the most delectable. Whether you smoke them or cook them over an open fire they are the most favored. Season: The sockeye run starts coming in 1st week in July to last week in August. King/ Chinook Average size: 20-35 pounds State record: 97 lbs. 4 oz. King Salmon are the largest of all Pacific salmon and can grow to 100 lbs. The average size of a king is 20 to 35 lbs. We fish the largest run of Kings in the State of Alaska and it is not uncommon to boat 20 of these regal fish during the peak of the run. Season: King runs usually from last week in June to 2nd week in July. Chum/ Dog Average size: 10-16 pounds State record: 32 lbs. 0 oz. The Chum Salmon is the second largest of the Pacific Salmon and is responsible for busting more rods than any other salmon. These fish are very strong and you will spend anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes fighting this fish. Season: Their run coincides with the pink salmon and runs through the 2nd week of August.

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