Popa Mountain Park

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Popa Mountain Park

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Mandalay, Myanmar

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from $ 0 to $ 2000

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Any time.

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It is located in Kyaukpadaung Township of Mandalay Division. It has an area of 49.63 sq. miles and was established in 1983. It is 412 miles from Yangon . There are diverse forests types in POPA Mountain Park . There are Than – Dahat forest, Low indaing forest, Upper mixed deciduous forest, Hill evergreen forest, Pine forest and Hill grassland. Wildlife includes; monkey, barking deer, wild pig, jungle cat, wild dog and about 140 avifauna species inhabiting the POPA area. The dusky leaf monkey is a rare animal and about 150 monkeys live in the POPA mountain park. There are about 40 medicinal plants and some climbers are growing in the park. Opportunities exist for observing dry zone ecosystem, avifauna species and other wild animals. One can study geological features and minerals of extinct volcanoes that erupted 25,000 years ago. Trekking on foot or horseback along the forest paths ensures one enjoys the natural beauty. Golf is also available.

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