Escape To The Bahamas

Travel Idea:

Escape To The Bahamas

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Destination for this trip:

Nassau, Bahamas

Length of trip:

15 days

Approximate price of this trip per person:

from $ 9000 to $ 25000

Best travel dates to go:

Any time.

Detailed Description of this trip:

A mixture of relaxation and adventure in the Bahamas


Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - Nassau

    Relaxing on the beach

    Relaxing on the beach

  • Day 2 - Nassau

    Relaxing on the beach

    Relaxing on the beach

  • Day 3 - Nassau

    The Adventure of an Offshore Island

    Minutes offshore by our own private ferry or kayak, Sandals Cay is an exotic island adventure where you can escape for a couple of hours or for the whole day.

    There are two unspoiled beaches to explore -one for sunbathing, the other for some of the best snorkling in the Bahamas.

    The peaceful calm of the freshwater pool is the perfect place to relax and join in the lively chat at the swim-up bar. Then, in the evening, savor traditional Bahamian cuisine at Café Goombay, an authentic island seafood house.

    Only Sandals gives you an exciting getaway with a getaway, offering two exotic vacations for the price of one.

  • Day 4 - Nassau

    Dolphin Cove-Treasure Reef
    Amusement Parks

    Admission to the park entitles you to the use of the mini-boats, glass-bottomed kayaks and beach facilities.

    You can also explore the jungle trail, interact with the stingrays and watch the Shark Show

  • Day 5 - Nassau

    "The Retreat"
    National Parks

    Spend a day at the National Park
    "The Retreat" is a National Park and headquarters of the Bahamas National Trust. It is home to over 170 rare and exotic palms – one of the world's largest collections – including tropical palms growing under the low light of the forest canopy.

    Other plant species that flourish in the gardens: indigenous hardwoods such as Mahogany (or Madeira) and Cedar which were used for generations by local boat builders, but are scarce today; bright indigenous flowers along the walkways that attract a wide variety of birds, making it a popular bird watching location; native orchids gracing the tree trunks; red ginger proudly showing off their bright blooms; and graceful ferns filling the natural "pot holes" in which palms are planted.

    The Retreat is open to the general public from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Guided tours are available for a fee and maps are available for self-guided tours.

    The gardens can also be reserved for picnics and private functions and the Trust holds its annual functions there in March, October and November

  • Day 6 - Nassau


    Relaxing at the hotel

  • Day 7 - Nassau

    A Day at the Spa.

    Spend a full day at the spa and later that evening have a candlelit dinner on the beach

  • Day 8 - Nassau



  • Day 9 - Nassau

    Deluxe Clear Ocean Kayak and Power Snorkel

    Deluxe Clear Ocean Kayak and Power Snorkel (Sea Scooter) Combo Tour:

    When you reach the Clear Ocean Kayak and snorkel site, dive in and spend the next 2 ½ hrs exploring a spectacular undersea World with your "Clear Kayak and Seascooter."

    The kayaks are transparent and allow you to enjoy the undersea spectacular as your paddle along. Then shed your Kayak and get up-close and personal with the amazing marine life.

  • Day 10 - Nassau

    Nassau Walking Tour
    Group Tour

    Slip into some comfortable shoes, grab your favorite straw hat and a bottle of water, and join a Nassau Walking Tour Guide for a memorable walk through historic Nassau.

    During the tour, these knowledgeable storytellers will help you discover our country's past, which is steeped in over 250 years of democratic tradition. You'll learn about our system of government, become acquainted with our heroes, get an understanding of our culture, and discover the places that tell the real story of our islands.

    The Tour departs twice daily (except Sundays) at 10:00 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. from Festival Place on Prince George Dock, near downtown Nassau.

    Tours are by appointment only and last approximately one hour.

    The cost of the tour is $10.00 per person, which is paid in cash directly to the tour guide.

  • Day 11 - Nassau

    Spend the day shopping on Bay Street

    Visit the historic forts or shop for bargains along Bay Street, Nassau's famous international shopping location. Liquor, perfume, jewelry and china are favorite items for duty-free shoppers, along with fine local and international crafts plus native goods, from handmade yards of batik to fine jewelry & Rolex watches.

    The best buys and shopping bargains can be found among the straw craft items and souvenirs at the Straw Market.

    The stores on Bay Street are flanked by picturesque, pastel pink-colored Colonial-style Government buildings erected in the early 1800s by Loyalists, including the Houses of Parliament, the old Colonial Secretary's Office and the Supreme Court all surrounding a marble statue of Queen Victoria.

  • Day 12 - Nassau

    Explore the cays with High Seas Private Excursions
    Private Tour

    At High Seas Private Excursions, we combine the best of all Bahamian worlds, enjoy a very distinctive taste of the “real” Bahamas, explored at your own pace.

    As native Bahamians, we embarked on the idea of offering single, small party excursions with one goal in mind: to deliver an authentic experience of the Bahamas we grew up with.

    Too many people come and go without ever seeing the cays as we know them, and as we believe they were meant to be seen.

    We personally make sure that our excursions are times of discovery and spontaneity. We let you experience the wildlife of our Bahamian waters as it is: wild and unpredictable! We take you among the local Cays rich with sea life, lore and legacy.
    Best of all, your trip is all yours.

    No large groups here. We can accommodate a party of you and your friends or family on a leisurely, timeless, uniquely memorable expedition.

    Your time among the Cays is sure to be too short. Make sure it’s unforgettable! The High Seas await you.

  • Day 13 - Nassau



  • Day 14 - Nassau

    Powerboat Adventures Exuma Day Trips
    Group Tour

    Per adult: $190.00

    Ship Channel Cay... With the splash of the anchor we arrive at our very own private Island, Ship Channel Cay, where you will disembark the vessels and be greeted by our indigenous ‘customs officers’ the wild boars.

    The Island is two miles long and half a mile wide and offers some spectacular views in every direction.

    Our converted fishing cottage provides shelter from the blazing island sun, while our numerous decks provide a place to sit, chat or just watch the world go by.

    For the thirsty, we have a full bar open to keep you refreshed all day. Stocked with liquor, wines, beers, sodas, juice and plain old water we have something for every taste, and, of course... it's all free.

    You'll have plenty of time to explore the island more or just kick back on the golden beaches, but be careful not to miss out on some of the more exciting events the day is sure to bring...

    Meet the neighbors...About this time of day everyone starts getting hungry, and we don't mean just us, the crew and you, our guests...initially, a few docile shapes, several feet long, glide to the shoreline in search of a possible treat as your chef for the day prepares fresh fish for your lunch.

    Meet the stingrays... a friendly bunch who just love to be fed and don't object to a little tickle now and then. These graceful creatures will patiently wait while your guide talks you through some interactive feeding, allowing those who want to, to join in feeding the silky skinned creatures around your feet.

    The thought of a free lunch soon attracts another kind of neighbour, and this time they may not be so friendly! The stingrays disperse at the arrival of the ocean's main predators, the sharks...

    We leave the feeding of these fearsome creatures to our 'expendable' guide, but there are still incredible opportuniites to photograph them from both above and, for the brave, below the water.

    With visits from caribbean reef sharks, nurse sharks and lemon sharks, you'll soon know why E! Television and the Discovery Channel choose to feature our adventure.

    Drift away...The Bahamas is renowned for it's lively and beautiful reef areas, and Ship Channel Cay is no exception. For those who wish to try a spot of snorkeling, we have an amazing drift snorkel, just a few metres from the shoreline.

    A quick splash out, and then it's time to experience the wonders of a drift snorkel as the warm current draws you over a myriad of coral and tiny, dazzling fish feeding in this untouched and vibrant reef.

    If you've never snorkeled before, don't worry, we'll provide you with fins, masks, snorkels and a lesson or two. Our guides will be with you every kick of the way - just make sure you don't miss out on this incredible chance to experience nature at its most beautiful.

    Don't forget to take along an underwater camera to capture the sights along the way -you may be one of the lucky few to spot the graceful eagle rays gliding alongside as you drift.

    Dining in Paradise...All the excitement of the morning usually leaves our guests a little peckish, and, never ones to disappoint, we make sure there's plenty to eat for all.

    While you get to meet our friendly stingrays, not so friendly sharks, and experience the wonders of the reef, we are busy cooking up our secret fish stew. Using fresh island grouper and a whole range of closely guarded ingredients, our chef prepares this true island treat for you.
    Served along with fresh salads, tasty breads, chargrilled steak, tropical fruit platters, chips, dips and other delights, you're sure to find something to delight your tastebuds.

    And of course, you'll need a drink to wash it down with. Our open bar remains this way till it's time to leave - help your self to wine, liquor, beers, juices, sodas or just a simple water whenever you feel the urge.
    Please, don't fear if you're a vegetarian, or have special dietary needs - just let us know and we'll make sure you're well looked after because today is, of course, just for you...
    A day at the beach...Sometimes, you just don't need the excitement of everyday life, you need to relax. Ship Channel Cay and Powerboat Adventures can let you do just that.
    Our island has a seemingly endless beach of soft white sands, gently washed by crystal clear oceans of infinite shades of blue and green. Whether you're looking for a wonderfully romantic walk on the waters edge, a refreshing swim, or just to kick back in a sun lounger with your toes splashing in warm waters, it's here.
    Throw in one of our giant 'sombrellas, a cool drink and the soothing sound of waves lapping the sand, and the worries and stress of your every day life will dissolve into distant memory...
    Sadly, the time will soon come to head back to the busy bustle of Nassau town as we load up our boats and seek out the last remaining guests hiding in the brush, hoping to stay for another day.
    With a farewell wave, we leave Ship Channel Cay for the 45 minute drive home, but don't worry, we'll be here when you come back, and the memories you'll take home will last a lifetime.

  • Day 15 - Nassau


    Time to start packing up and get ready to head back home.

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