Traditional Galichnik wedding in Macedonia

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Traditional Galichnik wedding in Macedonia

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2 days

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from $ 0 to $ 2000

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Location: Galicnik, Mavrovo, Monastery St.Jovan Bigorski Duration:14hours Amazing experience of seeing traditional Macedonian wedding and enjoying Macedonia's lovely nature in their national park Galichica!

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - Macedonia

    You will visit Macedonian lovely village Galichnik and enjoy the Macedonian National park - Mavrovo.

    Visit of the monastery of St. John Bigorski. The wonderful surrounding nature and the unique iconostasis, make it one of the most beautiful monasteries in Macedonia. The church is dedicated to St. John the Baptist. According to the monastery's 1833 chronicle, it was built in 1020 by Archbishop John. However, the information is believed to be a legendary one. In the XVI century, the Ottomans destroyed the monastery, only an old church survived. The iconostasis of St. John Bigorski is one of the most beautiful. The authors of the iconostasis were esteemed craftsmen.
    14:00Accommodation in Hotel Srna in Mavrovo followed by lunch. Time to prepare for the beginning of the wedding.
    16:30 Arrival in Galichnik. This small but beautiful and proud village is the center of the Mijak region. Region that has given so much to the history and culture of our country. Visit to the Museum of Galichnik “Vila Dosta” – The (house of the bride). Learn all about the history and tradition of the region and everyday life in Galichnik in the 19 and 20 century. Visit to the memorial house of Georgija Pulevski. Get familiar with the work of the first Macedonian linguist and historian.
    Dinner. Start of the official program of the Galicnik wedding ceremony.
    19:00 Decorating the flag and firing the rifle. The top of the flag is decorated with flowers. Then the bridegroom hangs it on the right-hand side of his house and a riffle is fired.

  • Day 2 - Macedonia

    Here the ceremony will take place. Be prepared for exciting traditional wedding!
    Performing Arts

    Breakfast and departure from the hotel. The second part of the wedding starts very early and in order to find a place where you can observe the whole event you will have to leave the hotel at 07.10.
    08:00 Inviting the dead relatives. A group of the closest relatives and the bridegroom visit the graves of dead family members. The bridegroom invites them to his wedding.
    09:15 Inviting the kum (literally: "godfather", though the closest equivalent in English is the "best man"). After returning from the cemetery, the bridegroom, his friends and his closest relatives invite the best man to the wedding.

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