Walking through Historical Cape Town

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Walking through Historical Cape Town

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Cape Town, South Africa

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from $ 0 to $ 1000

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Any time.

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Cape Town is an ideal place for a historic walking tour. This walking tour includes: the Grand Parade, a glimpse at where slaves were bought and sold, the Gardens, the District Six Museum, Government Avenues, information about South Africa's Three Nobel Peace Prize winners and finally the Greenmarket Square The Malay Quarter is home to a large segment of the Cape’s Malay (Muslim) population. The original immigrants (slaves, political exiles) spoke a language called Malayu and for this reason, their descendants are now known as Cape Malays. The Malay population has had a significant impact on the development of South African society, especially in regards to its language and local cuisine. Our walking tour takes you on a fascinating journey through this colorful and interesting eastern slopes of Signal Hill. We will visit the Bo-Kaap Museum where you learn the history and culture of the people in the area- slave history, oldest mosque, oldest street in Cape Town, Tana Baru (burial ground of holy saints), colorful houses, cobblestone streets, etc. The tour lasts approximately 2.5 hours. A registered local tour guide will conduct the tour. The tour usually takes place in the morning, starting between 9h30 & 10h00. Guests are collected and returned to their hotels. The cost does not include lunch, however lunch can be arranged upon request. Lunch takes place at the home of one of the residents. There, traditional Cape Malay dishes are served buffet style. We can also arrange traditional dinners in the area as well, with a local choir group to sing local, traditional songs for you.

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