Chacan, Lanlacuyoc and Cusiyuchayoc Tour (Full Day)

Travel Idea:

Chacan, Lanlacuyoc and Cusiyuchayoc Tour (Full Day)

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Destination for this trip:

Cusco, Peru

Length of trip:

1 day

Approximate price of this trip per person:

from $ 0 to $ 2000

Best travel dates to go:

Any time.

Detailed Description of this trip:

During your free day or extra day, to your treks to Inca Trail or Cordillera Blanca, or to your tour to Chacan, Lanlacuyoc and Cusiyuchayoc. Do not miss this once-in-a-life-time experiences!

Trip Properties:

Trip Itinerary:

  • Day 1 - Cusco


    Our group will depart from the Plaza de Armas, to begin the hike up through a eucalyptus forest beside the Saphy River. After an hour and a half hike the Chacan cave is in view. “The Temple of the Rainbow”, called so because of the small waterfall inside the cave, which reflects rainbow rings off the winter sun’s rays. We can bathe under the waterfalls and be surrounded by the rainbows; it is an incredible feeling both refreshing and spiritual.


    Chacan is a beautiful quiet setting, unknown by other tourists, as are the next destinations: Cusiyuchayoc, commonly known as the “Zona X”, which is one hour away from Chacan. This is one of the most enigmatic places of Cusco. Are these tunnels natural, pre-Inca or Inca structures under the earth’s surface? Our guide will take you through these subterranean passages during the early afternoon where we will be able to observe the incredible illumination created between each passageway.


    The tour continues to the “Temple of the Moon”, a natural rock structure that has a man-made altar inside one of its passageways on which the full moon shines at certain times of year. Until this day the shamans and spiritual groups from all corners of the world gather in this place on a full moon to receive its energy. Even during the afternoon we can appreciate the Temple, as an interesting natural structure.

    For those of us who need a bit of peace and quiet, away from the bustling Cusco, this is a great way to spend our day! (L)

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