Botswana Mobile Safaris

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Botswana Mobile Safaris

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from $ 200 to $ 600

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Any time.

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There are three main types of Botswana mobile camping safaris. On all of them you have camp staff to do the 'dirty' work and make delicious meals, but the comfort of the accommodation varies extensively. At the lower end of the market we have adventure Safari camping. This is the only truly mobile camp in that it can be set up and taken down on a daily basis if required. Using this level of accommodation, clients sleep in two man igloo style tents that are large enough to sit up right inside. They offer plenty of space for two people with their bags and have sewn in groundsheets and fly sheets for shade and extra rain protection. Mattresses on the ground are used for comfort and bedding is provided. In the mid range we have Classic Safari Camping. These camps take the best part of a day to set up and so whilst you can move on a daily basis if you wished, we tend to recommend staying 3 nights or more in each location before moving. Private campsites are booked for this level of camping. The tents here are large, stand up tents with cot beds, a bedside table, a small verandah and space for the bags. Again, full bedding is provided so sleeping bags are not necessary. Toilets and showers are shared between the guests, we normally provide one shower and toilet tent for women and one for men but if a group is large more are provided. Finally we have the Luxury Safari Camping. These camps take at least two days to set up and so we use them in combination with small, private lodges. You would stay in a private campsite for three or four nights and then in a lodge for the next two while the camp is moved to the next location. The tents used for this level of camping are huge. Full size double beds can easily fit inside, along with bedside tables, luggage racks and wardrobes! These tents also have ensuite toilet, sink and shower facilities for total privacy.

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