Kwando Lebala Camp

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Kwando Lebala Camp

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from $ 1500 to $ 2000

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Any time.

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Lebala means "wide open spaces" in Setswana and the scenery is dominated by vast plains with scattered palms and tree clumps backed by wooded savannas. This wild expanse is contrasted with the casual elegance and luxury of the camp itself. Lebala Camp is situated 30 kilometers to the south of Lagoon Camp and fronts onto the Linyanti Wetlands. Open grasslands scattered with Illala Palms stretch to the south and west of Lebala. The perennial and southernly flowing Kwando River disappears into the vast marshes before emerging as the Linyanti River, flowing in a north easterly direction. The eight spacious tents are unique and were designed by us specifically for this camp. Each one is built on a raised teak deck, laid out with maximum comfort and privacy in mind. The tents have an entrance foyer with a reading and writing area, en-suite bathrooms with Victorian clawfoot bathtubs, "his and hers" washbasins and flush toilets. Each secluded tent has its own sundeck, and is set back among the trees. The endless vistas from the large windows and decks across the vast plains, make Lebala one of the finest wilderness camps in Africa. The wetlands and flood plains around Lebala offer a wonderful variety of wildlife with excellent sightings of elephants, hippos, lechwes, zebras, giraffes, impalas, wildebeest, kudus, tsessebes, roans, sables, buffalos and the ever present predators: wild dogs, lions, cheetahs and hyenas. After dark, spotlights are switched on and the game drives expose our guests to nocturnal sightings of rare and elusive species such as leopards, Selous Mongooses, small spotted genets, and aardwolfs, to name a few. Mouth-watering meals are prepared by our chefs and served in the open-sided dining room. After dinner, there is a wonderful camp fire around which to sip a coffee or enjoy a nightcap. In the warmer months, feel free to take a refreshing swim in the Lebala pool! Lebala has a staff complement of 22 to cater to our guests. The camp balances understated elegance with untamed Africa to perfection.

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