The Reed Dance Swaziland

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The Reed Dance Swaziland

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This is a once a year ceremony, that a tour operator of ours who run a Sanctuary is allowed to attend. Once a year, in the heart of South Africa's Kingdom of the Zulu, thousands of people make the long journey to one of His Majesty’s, the King of the Zulu nation's royal residence at KwaNyokeni Palace. Here, in Nongoma, early every September, young Zulu maidens take part in a colorful cultural festival, the Royal Reed Dance - Umkhosi woMhlanga The festival takes its name from the riverbed reeds, which are the central focus of this four-day event. The reed-sticks are carried in a procession by thousands of young maidens who are invited to the King's palace each year. More than 10 000 maidens, from various communities throughout the province of KwaZulu- Natal, take part in the Reed Dance ceremony, with the rest of the Zulu nation helping them to celebrate their preparation for womanhood. Experience this amazing event first hand. Various options are as under: - Weekend special at Milimani Game Sanctuary per person fully inclusive of all meals and transfers to Nongoma - September Arrive Milimani Game Sanctuary Pre-dinner drinks at Camp Fire Area, With full explanation of following day’s events. Dinner in restaurant 8.30am Depart for Enyokeni, King’s Palace, Nongoma. Full day viewing Reed Ceremony. A Private tent will be erected for teas, coffees, beverages and lunch. VIP seating and opportunity to meet the King. Return to Milimani early evening. Early morning Game Drive. Depart.

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