Blue Day Safari

Travel Idea:

Blue Day Safari

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Destination for this trip:

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Approximate price of this trip per person:

from $ 100 to $ 150

Best travel dates to go:

January, February, March, July, August, September, October, November, December

Detailed Description of this trip:

Full day marine trip in the south west coast of Zanzibar. Sailing is fully equipped with fire extinguisher,insurance,life jackets,communications,wet bags,first aid kit. Contains a very well-trained staff. The day activities:watching dolphins...not guaranteed but often seen..90% possibility. No swimming with them due to conservation matters. Sand Bank snorkeling for 1 hour...snorkeling guide to assist you...gear of every size..mask and fins. See colorful fish and corals. Shade on the sandbank provided. Fruits and cold soft drinks available. Then drive to a lagoon to swim for 10 minutes. You'll be surrounded by mangrove forest and with corals. There are stands inside providing a calm and nice breeze to swim around. Then, we ride to Kwale Island for our local menu lunch....Zanzibar cooked rice with coconut sauce and sea food,beers,amarula,coffee,soda,bottled water,and fruits provided. Relax on the beach or sail the local catamaran sailing to the shore and drive back home at 17:00 hrs. Rescue boat aside for any emergencies. This is a must do in Zanzibar.

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