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Destination for this trip:

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Approximate price of this trip per person:

from $ 80 to $ 100

Best travel dates to go:

January, February, March, April, July, August, September, October, November

Detailed Description of this trip:

Full day tour to the spice farms and historical old stone town of Zanzibar. A visit to the spice farms which were inherited from the earliest settlers..Oman Arabs. 2 hour guided farm walk seeing the spices,herbal trees,fruit trees,perfumery trees and many more. Cinnamons,cardamons,cloves,vanilla,nut meg,ginger roots,pepper,curry,lemon grass and more. You will taste,snuff,touch all spices in the farm. Also sample the spices...spiced tea,cardamon tea,coffee,cinamon teas and have your chance to buy them. Then drive to stone town,enjoy spiced lunch. Do the 3 hour guided stone town tour to know the history of the island. Visit the house of wonders,old Portuguese fort,oldest cathedral church of East Africa,old slave market,local fruit market,walking the narrow streets and doing shopping as well. Then drive back home.

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