Working Status:
Relationship Status:
No. of children under 18:
No. of grandchildren under 18:
Highest Degree/Level Attained:
Bachelor's Degree
Reading,Gardening and Birding
What are your future (current) retirement plans?
Sell home and move to drier climate
Where will you be living five years from now?
To keep fit, I:
My idea of a great vacation is:
Causes that I care about:
Helping others because I am a Christian
What pet(s) do you have?
Yellow Lab
Tell us a little about yourself:
Married to Ernie and have two married daughters. I live in Oregon, where it is beautiful but it is getting too cold for me. I used to work doing Human Resources, HRIS and Payroll. My youngest daughter and her husband are moving to Oceanside, CA so this is a good time to retire near them. My oldest daughter and her husband are staying in Oregon where they have a home and jobs. I will plan to visit her in the warmer months so I guess I am going to be a snowbird!

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