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General Information about Summit Hill

Summit Hill is a borough in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 2,974 at the 2000 census.

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Stats about Summit Hill

Total Population: 3,060
Cost of Living
Median Household Income: $37,287
Median Home Value: $61,600
State sales tax: 6.0%

Summit Hill, Pennsylvania

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stormyred (currently lives here; has lived here for Over 10 years):

"Low Quality of Life- High High Taxes-No Help for Suburb Residence"

We built a home in the suburbs of this sleep hollow town of less than 3900 people, This area of Carbon County is Very poor but we moved here to be near our elderly parents. We built a home less than 2 miles outside the town limits and find the people and workers in the town seem to shun the people in the suburbs. As it turns out those with higher education and are of a professional level with employment build or buy the newer homes in the suburb area are looked down upon. There is a sense of jealousy. Most town people are poorly educated and take low low paying jobs- they live in old coal mine homes hence their homes are worth very little. They pay little taxes but ask for many many services. Lots of welfare we found out.

Those whom have built a home are being hindered with High High Real Estate taxes. After 16 years here we saw our Real Estate taxes go from $2000 a year on a house we built for $125,000 to $6000 in 2012.

We also noticed the Town counsel and police do not want to do much for the valley residence. We are plagued with robberies(Chief of police tells people to buy a alarm system). Yes it is rather hard to drive 2 miles to the valley to help those that pay your bills.

I would not suggest living here when your retired. We just had our power out again because of yet another storm and we are always the last to get power restored. When I called the Borough and asked the secretary what we should do about garbage pick up because of high winds during the Sandy storm- she told me garbage pick up was normal and to please check the internet for all updates. I had to explain to her that 117 homes were out of power in the valley. She said- Oh, I did not know I just found out. It was almost 3 days after the high winds and the Borough did not even know residences did not have power? No help here- no concern for the elderly- people could have froze and the town would have overlooked us!

Considering the town build a spanking new Fire hall with auditorium,flat screen tv and cooks kitchen I wonder whom that was suppose to be for? They have volunteer firemen here with a state of the art Fire hall- No shelter was set up for those of us without water, heat or electricity. Yet in a neighboring County a fire Department cooked a warm meal and drove around town to let residence know they had food, water and shelter for them.

Just a poorly run town

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