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General Information about Laughlin

Laughlin is a census-designated place (CDP) in Clark County, Nevada, United States. As of the 2000 census, the CDP population was 7,076, and its population was estimated at 8,998 in 2007 according to an article in December 5, 2007 Las Vegas Review Journal. Laughlin is a port located on the Colorado River 94 miles (152.3 km) south of Las Vegas. Directly across the river from Laughlin is Bullhead City, Arizona, which has four times the population of Laughlin (approximately 39,000) and supplies much of the workforce.
Officially, Laughlin is not incorporated as a municipality. It is governed by the Clark County Board of Commissioners, which receives advice from the appointed Laughlin Town Advisory Board, which in turn is headed by a Town Manager (instead of a Mayor). Police protection is provided by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD), and fire protection by the Clark County Fire Department.

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Stats about Laughlin

Total Population: 6,820
Cost of Living
Median Household Income: $36,885
Median Home Value: $140,200
State sales tax: 6.5%

Laughlin, Nevada

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Sunny (researched this town Within the last 5 years and is considering moving here):

"Should I or shouldn'w I"

I lived in Phoenix for 5 years and in that time my health was great. Living in Florida is not the best for me and I want to live in the west again. Talking to a woman on vacation here I learned about Laughlin. I been getting my information on line for about 1 year. I decided on an apartment that I thought was ideal then I read a review about the place which was not good. Could someone help me to know where to live in Laughlin as a single 62 yr old and be safe. Thanks!

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wylora (researched this town Within the last 5 years and is considering moving here):


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simplymarvey (researched this town Within the last 5 years and is considering moving here):


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jcstras (currently lives here; has lived here for Under 5 years):

"Living in Laughlin, Nevada"

My fiance' and I have lived here in Laughlin, Nevada for approximately three years now, and couldn't be happier. The only drawback that we have noticed is the lack of appropriate Health Care facilities. The reason I capitalize this is to emphacize the fact that if you are suffering from any chronic condition, the only resources that you will have are located across the River in Arizona in Bullhead City, and they really aren't sufficient either.. One must go to either Phoenix or Las Vegas for proper medical care. If you are in good health, than this is not an issue. Aside from this, Laughlin is a great place to live! Low taxes, low utility rates and rents that are easily affordable. All the things that retirees are looking for I am sure! And to stop all of this off is the unbelievable Desert nights! If you come, make sure you have a convetible so you can experience them! Oh, the only other drawback...The Summers! The temperatures here get up to 125 degrees during the the months of July and August.. If heat doesn't bother you, than that won't be an issue either! Having a population of only about 5,000 you need to realize that this is a small Desert community without all the conviences of City life.. As long as you can live with that you will love it here!

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