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General Information about Buffalo Ridge

Buffalo Ridge is a large expanse of rolling hills in the southeastern part of the larger Coteau des Prairies, and is the second-highest point in Minnesota. It stands 1,995 feet (608 m) above sea level. Buffalo Ridge is sixty miles long and part of Lincoln County in the southwest corner of Minnesota. It is located near the small towns of Hendricks and Lake Benton.
Because of its high altitude and high average wind speed, Buffalo Ridge has been transformed into a place for creating alternative energy. Currently, over 200 wind turbines stand in the Buffalo Ridge and Lake Benton area. Buffalo Ridge is also the first wind farm created in any of the states surrounding Minnesota.

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Stats about Buffalo Ridge

Total Population: 0
Cost of Living
Median Household Income: $0
Median Home Value: $0
State sales tax: 4.0%

Buffalo Ridge, South Dakota

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