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Helendale is an unincorporated community located in San Bernardino County, California, on historic Route 66 west of the Mojave Freeway, between Barstow and Victorville, in the Victor Valley. It includes the Helendale resort community of Silver Lakes.
Several Native American tribes lived in the area, namely the Mojave and Serrano. It is believed that the first White man to travel through was the Franciscan priest Francisco Garcés in 1776. He was exploring a route to the missions on the Coast following the Mojave River.

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Total Population: 0
Cost of Living
Median Household Income: $0
Median Home Value: $0
State sales tax: 7.25%

Helendale, California

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wbaer4802 (has a vacation home or weekend home in this town):


I give a minus 6 stars for Mission Villas of Silver Lake California (being kind). I do not like being called a moron or that I am stupid because I asked for a refund of the $100.00 cash I gave at check in. The person stated that the $100.00 cash was not a deposit (after we checked out). Then it must be he is a nice guy and I am giving him a night on the town. Very strange that the Wi-Fi was not working and he could not take credit cards only cash??? We have some concerns about our stay. (1) On the second night we were being bit by something in the master bed, had to move to guest bedroom. Arriving at home we took multi-steps to make sure the insects weren’t carried to our home. (we do not have any pets or animals at our home) (2) The repairs to the resort were done very cheaply or not at all. (3) Several lights not working and one broken above the bath in the guest bathroom (fire issues and worse). (4) One-ply toilet paper an experience you really do not wish to experience again. (5) The sinks smelled and did not drain well. (6) No Wi-Fi in the resort and 5G service was a hit and mostly miss. (7) You can not get anyone at the phone number and maid server provided no help. (8) Cheap very Cheap. Do not stay there.

I suggest if you really want to visit Helendale, California. Drive there, sleep in your car and park next to the railroad track, would be a whole lot better experience. We left early.

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