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General Information about Evergreen

Evergreen is a census-designated place (CDP) and a U.S. Post Office in Jefferson County, Colorado, United States. Evergreen is roughly 15 miles (24 kilometers) west of the City and County of Denver. The population was 9,216 at the 2000 census.[3] The Evergreen Post Office has the ZIP Codes 80437 and 80439.[2]

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Stats about Evergreen

Total Population: 9,286
Cost of Living
Median Household Income: $79,380
Median Home Value: $278,800
State sales tax: 2.9%

Evergreen, Colorado

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"Evergreen is an Amazing Place to Retire"

I am writing this review on Evergreen Colorado as I have a passion for living here. I was fortunate enough to have a job where I could work anywhere in the US I wanted to. I originally lived in Texas and then got tired of the heat. I set off on a quest to find the perfect place for me to live. I first moved to Evergreen, Co for one year and then I moved to San Luis Obispo, CA near Big Sur for a year. I did not care for California so I chose to permanently move to Evergreen Colorado over for many reasons I will list below.

Evergreen Colorado is a small town located up in the Rocky Mountains just 15 miles West of Denver, Colorado. Evergreen is a nature lovers paradise. Evergreen Lake is located adjacent to downtown Evergreen and is the hub for many of the local mountain activities. In the warmer months you can fish and rent a canoe there. In the cold months you can ice skate, play ice hockey or ice fish at the lake. There is a lake house where you can rent skates and get a warm refreshment. There is also the Evergreen Summer Concert Series that is free and a lot of fun. On New Years they have "Skate The Lake" where locals come to the lake to enjoy skating, hot coco and an amazing fireworks show.

Evergreen has a small town feel and it is common for you to run into friends at the local coffee shops like the Muddy Buck or grocery store. Everyone is really friendly here and most businesses in town are small businesses. We do have some major big box stores like Home Depot and Walmart.


Evergreen has an abundance of wildlife that really makes it fascinating to live here. Most commonly you will see deer and herds of elk. We also have fox, mountain lions, black bears, chipmunks, bald eagles, bobcats, lynx, and an occasional moose. You can fly fish in the many rivers for trout.


The Evergreen residential population is 41,646. Evergreen is not a crowded town so you won't spend time in traffic jams unless a herd of elk decide to cross the road.

Low Humidity & No Bugs:

Evergreen has very low humidity (40% on average) which is especially nice in the Summer months. You can go outside and go for a hike or mountain bike and hardly break a sweat. You can enjoy an outside bbq on your deck or at a local restaurant and not be pestered by insects. That's right there are very few mosquito's or fly's here. I think I have been bit 1 time in 4 years and I am outside a lot.


We get snow living up in the mountains. (7,300 ft altitude) On average we get about 72 inches of snow each year. It rarely effects our way of life as the roads are very well maintained. It would be good to have an all wheel drive living here. Evergreen is not a grey and dreary place in the Winter. It is sunny most days and it quickly melts the snow. The snow blankets the landscape and makes for a magical experience.


Evergreen has at least 10 open space parks adding up to thousands of acres at your disposal to go hiking, mountain biking, picnicking, and horseback riding any time you want. There are also designated areas for camping. You have world class skiing just 45 minutes West of Evergreen at resorts like Breckenridge, Keystone, Winter Park, Vail, etc. Just 10 miles West of Evergreen is Idaho Springs and you can go white water rafting or zip lining for the adventurous. Mount Evans which is a 14,265 mountain and is the highest paved road in North America is located just 30 minutes from Evergreen. By now you get the idea that there is no shortage of activities to do here.


Evergreen gets a lot of sunshine and in the warmer months you can expect temperatures to be between 60 - 85. Temperatures are very similar to living in Southern California.

Property Taxes:

Colorado has a state income tax which if you are retired is going to be minimal and the residential property tax is very affordable. Example on a $500k - $600k home property taxes may be in the $2500 range for the year.

Cost of Living:

The average cost of a home in Evergreen is in the $400k range but you can get something for less if you are okay with a smaller home. Buying a home is truly the biggest cost here. Property taxes are very low and there are so many outdoor activities that cost you $0 once you own your gear. Gas and food is reasonably priced here. You don't need fancy clothes or cars here as people are not pretentious and don't care what you have.

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As I mentioned in the beginning, I could live anywhere I wanted to and I chose Evergreen. I love nature, I love how I have a forest in my backyard and my neighbors are not on top of me. I love the four seasons and the abundance of wildlife. Evergreen is truly a magical place with all the benefits of small town charm but yet just close enough to Denver which is a major city with culture, restaurants, museums and major medical resources when needed. I would seriously encourage you to visit Evergreen Colorado if you get a chance.

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