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Total Population: 0
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Median Household Income: $0
Median Home Value: $0
State sales tax: 4.0%

Slaterville Springs, New York

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orion12 (lived here for 5-10 years but moved):


Quiet, friendly, great place to raise children, loved the snow. We moved to florida to be close to family who migrated there. I am semi-retired, with grown children and want to come home. When we lived in Slaterville our children were healthy and happy. The school system was terrific, We had a garden, wild stawberrys and nut trees. We shopped in the red and white, Harold Phoenix was the proprietor and I seem to remember he was the JP and a wonderful person. we also shopped on occasion at the trading porst both on RT. 79. We especially loved the stand pipe on 79 where the spring water ran freely. Ithaca was close enough to scoot back and forth so we had work, stores, the library etc. The hiking trails were great too. Our goat was also lots of fun. There was always something for us to be involved in as well as the children's activities. We all miss it.

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