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General Information about El Paso

El Paso is the seat of El Paso County in the U.S. state of Texas and part of the American Southwest. According to the 2006 U.S. Census population estimates, the city had a population of 609,415.[3] It is the fifth-largest city in Texas and the 21st-largest city in the United States, as well as the 7th fastest growing large city in the nation from 2000-2006.[4] Its metropolitan area covers all of El Paso County, a portion of Hudspeth County and part of southern Dona Ana County, New Mexico. The metropolitan area has a population of 736,310.[5]
It stands on the Rio Grande (Ro Bravo del Norte), across the border from Ciudad Jurez.

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Stats about El Paso

Total Population: 564,280
Cost of Living
Median Household Income: $32,124
Median Home Value: $71,300
State sales tax: 6.25%

El Paso, Texas

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dbuchmueller (currently lives here; has lived here for Over 10 years):

"Great place to retire"

I like the low humidity and the weather that allows me to be outside and to play golf, if I chose, nearly every day of the year. Also, the cost of housing is among the lowest in the nation for large cities. Despite its proximity to Juarez El Paso consistently ranks as one of the safest large cities in the US. There is plenty to do. College sports with UTEP, live theater, a symphony, good shopping including a major outlet mall, a medical school that helps to ensure good health care. And perhaps most of all the people are wonderful. I have lived in or around Chicago, Boston, New York and other cities and this is the city with the least prejudice and related problems. It is one of those few places whose inhabitants are probably more religiously committed than most other places but which is tolerant of others. There is devotion to faith but no attempt to oppose right wing religious standards on the entire community.

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CarenW (researched this town Within the last 5 years and is considering moving here):

"After 2 years of researching cities, El Paso looks the best for retirement!"

I'd checked everything out but the most important things to me were... cost of living, level of safety, climate and what people were saying on-line about El Paso. According to on-line blogs, it turns out that El Paso is one of four most popular cities for baby boomers who are looking to retire. Some people claimed on-line the climate was similar to California, where no one I know can afford to retire, so El Paso looked like a good choice for climate. I did my preliminary homework for 2 years and compared the points above to El Paso and to other cities of my interest... Deerfield Beach, FL; Austin, TX; Tucson, AR; Las Vegas, NV; San Jose, Costa Rica; and some small cities in Puerta Rico. Next, was the act of visiting each city, that still interested me, during the worst season of each city in order that I understand my tolerance level for the worst each could offer. After completing my comparison list and traveling to some places, I deleted some cities from my list: Puerta Rico and Florida were much too hot, buggy and humid in Summer and Costa Rica had an extremely long rainy season. And my lump sum retirement would not be able to buy me a nice enough house in Austin. Los Vegas seemed to have cheaper real estate, now, but when the economy gets better the city will be too expensive for me as a retired person. I didn't get a chance to go to Tucson because when I arrived in El Paso, I knew I was home. The August weather was dry with occasional, quick down pours (Summer is rainy season). When sunny, at 99 degrees, it didn't seem as hot as it was... unless the sun was beating on your head and shoulders. But sitting in the shade was very comfortable. And I could go out in the earliest morning sun and sit out in comfort with coffee and without bugs! Everyone was friendly and streets did seem safe. I did not see or hear about problems with borders and violence.... Hardly any traffic. Blue skies every day! It was so clean. The concrete looks like it was poured yesterday. And I'm so happy... I'm buying a house in the mountains in the Western side of El Paso for $135,000. It's a very pretty house compared to what I now have in Brooklyn, NY. And it is affordable enough that I would be able to get it and have no mortgage... one of my biggest concerns. Wow! It's such a beautiful neighborhood and reminds me of the canyons in Southern California around the Hollywood Hills. And there is no state income tax, so if you work, your take-home-pay is higher. And Texas has a Homestead Act which means no one can go after your house if you find yourself in debt because of poor health, or whatever. I really like the small-town feel, in El Paso, yet there are all the conveniences of larger stores and various things to do. You can't beat all that fresh air, too. Nothing worse than coming back to NYC after a visit and once I left the airport I kept smelling dog-do. I kept checking the soles of my feet. All clear. Then I realized it was the New York air !!!!!! I can't get to El Paso fast enough! Ultimately, Real Estate is 75% cheaper than NYC. Utilities are 50% cheaper. Food is 40-50% cheaper. And health care costs are 15% cheaper, and house taxes, for me, in El Paso will be very low, also.

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