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The historic City of Golden is a Home Rule Municipality that is the county seat of Jefferson County, Colorado, United States.[2] Golden lies along Clear Creek at the eastern edge of the foothills of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Founded during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush on 1859-06-16, the mining camp was originally named Golden City in honor of Thomas L. Golden. Golden City served as the capital of the provisional Territory of Jefferson from 1860 to 1861, and capital of the official Territory of Colorado from 1862 to 1867. In 1867, the territorial capital was moved about 15miles (24km) east to Denver City. Golden is now a suburb of its former mining camp rival. The United States Census Bureau estimates that the city population was 17,366 in 2005.[3]
The Colorado School of Mines, offering programs in engineering and science is located in Golden. Also there are the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the Coors Brewing Company, and the Colorado Railroad Museum. It is the birthplace of the Jolly Rancher, a candy bought out by the Hershey Foods Corporation. Famous western showman William F "Buffalo Bill" Cody is buried nearby on Lookout Mountain.

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Stats about Golden

Total Population: 17,411
Cost of Living
Median Household Income: $49,115
Median Home Value: $198,300
State sales tax: 2.9%

Golden, Colorado

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"Like at First Sight"

My husband and I recently visited Golden CO. We found the people were friendly, the downtown seemed vibrant, the Visitors Center personnel were helpful, and the surrounding area was beautiful. We like access to good healthcare, Denver airport, and the mountains as well.

We believe the local university would add diversity and a youthful aspect to the town.

We are interested in looking closer at the community for possible retirement in the next 1 to 2 years.

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