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"Looking for small-space furnishings"
Both my granddaughter and I have the same question to ask members of I will be movi...
3 replies
"Buying a hybrid car"
Would like to hear from anyone who has bought or considered buying a hybrid car. What are the advan...
7 replies
"Where can I trade gift cards?"
While I love receiving gift cards to purchase items I want or need, each year I receive cards for st...
2 replies
"Watch Selling Tips"
The manufacturer name almost always appears on the dial, but the better sellers also keep detailed...
0 replies
"Looking for Discounts"
I'm looking for websites that identify stores and restaurants that offer discounts to boomers in th...
3 replies
"What movies should I buy for my 10 year old granddaughter?"
i want to give my 10 year old granddaughter a movie DVD for her birthday and am looking for somethin...
3 replies
"What gadget do YOU want to see?"
If you could invent a gadget or product for the Baby Boomer demographic, what would it be?
1 replies
"a good"
Dear friends: I would like to introduce a good company who trades mainly in electornic products.N...
john william
1 replies
"Two kinds of gevey sim, which one is the better?"
I've been google the gevey sim info. Just found this site has two types of gevey sim, do they have ...
0 replies
"How should I display my antique quilt?"
I inherited a beautiful antique quilt from my aunt. I’d like to display it as a wall hanging – it w...
1 replies

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