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"Want green way to keep pests away"
I’m a novice gardener and want to know which are the safest, best environmental products to keep in...
1 replies
"Want to join a Mahjong group in Long Island"
Does anyone know of a way to find a Mahjong group on the south shore of Long Isalnd?
1 replies
"Dog Pet Therapy"
I am interested in training my dog to go to hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Looking for advice from ...
2 replies
"Compost Question"
I just started composting in my garden. Would like to find out what you should and should not add t...
1 replies
"Best Celtic Session in New England"
I like the session at The Harp in North Amherst, MA. Fridays at 9pm. What is your favorite session...
0 replies
You probably remember Terrariums in the 60’s. I want to grow one with my grandchildren. Does anyon...
2 replies
"Is Stanford screen saver site safe?"
Does anyone have any information about the Stanford University site I...
1 replies
"Do you have tips for great golfing trips?"
Now that I am semi-retired I have more time to explore my life passion – golf. I’d like to learn ab...
2 replies
"looking for advice on eos camera"
i am thinking of buying an EOS 400 camera but my eyes aren't too good - how big is the preview scree...
4 replies
"sheet music for the over 50s"
i enjoy playing guitar with our son who plays piano -he is very good and used to play in a hotel lob...
1 replies

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