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"What is width requirement for wheelchairs?"
i am a member of a garden club that wants to make our comunity garden wheelchair accesible. i’m loo...
2 replies
"What is the best baseball card price guide?"
As a boy growing up I collected baseball cards. Do kids still do that today? Anyway, my collection...
4 replies
"Fresh Starts/Encore Careers"
I'm looking for people who have reinvented their lives after age 50 -- new careers, new locations, n...
0 replies
"Basil Gardening"
Has anyone had success bringing Basil in from the garden to keep it through the winter?
3 replies
A lot of the things I used to do for amusement are too expensive for me now. Would love to hear of ...
4 replies
"Fashion and style websites"
I'm interested to hear what websites other boomers like to visit that are focused on fashion and sty...
1 replies
"Dog Lovers - New ways to poop scoop for dogs?"
Does anyone have a clever, easy way to pick up after their dog when it's out of your yard? i refuse...
1 replies
"Tips for Going Green"
I'm remodeling part of my house and want to use environment-friendly products. Is there a resource ...
1 replies
"what sushi restaurant?"
what is the best place to go for sushi in Cincinnati if I don't want to spend too much?
0 replies
"Bird craft project"
My 9 year old grandson has taken an interest in the bird feeders I have in my yard. I thought it mi...
1 replies

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