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"how can i deduce my tax to sell my old car?"
how can i deduce my tax to sell my old car?
2 replies
"Average fee charged by fee based financial planners"
I am looking for a financial planner to help manage my investments. I am wondering if there is a "st...
1 replies
"Extra cash, what to do?"
Hello all, I've been perusing this forum and have seen some great investment ideas thrown out the...
0 replies
"What can I do now to lower my taxes?"
With the end of the year approaching I’d like to learn about anything I can do now to lower my taxe...
4 replies
"Pension Options"
I am trying to decide on pension options. My choice is single annuity or joint and survivor... A fri...
5 replies
"Looking for references from members"
Any of the members have business relationship with Conrad Capital Management? Any commend or referen...
0 replies
"financial advisor"
I'm looking for financial advisors in 4 different states for me and family members. I'm trying to us...
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"Advice on gifting"
Would paying off the principal on a child's Stafford college or grad school loan be excluded from th...
1 replies
"When should you buy a burial plot?"
I’m trying to put my estate in order for my children and would like advice on buying my burial plot ...
3 replies
"repositioning assets and EFC for financial aide"
Recently attended seminar on college planning. One area discussed was a service to help minimize the...
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