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"Best Place For Financial Education?"
Is there s good web site out there to find good financial education?
6 replies
"Need money-saving ideas"
I would like to learn about money-saving ideas, including any websites others have found were especi...
16 replies
"Are Credit Reports Safe and Reliable?"
My bank informed me it is possible my security may have been breeched. I am keeping a close look at...
9 replies
"recommend CFP New HAven Area please"
I am relocating to the New Haven area, and would like to find a fee based financial planner. Any rec...
0 replies
"Credit check necessary for a potential tenant?"
I’m thinking about earning some extra money by renting out a home in our house. Is a credit check of...
5 replies
"Advice on Social Security"
I am self employed and work from my home. I collect rent from my business each month. Is this cons...
2 replies
"How to donate car for tax credit"
I am moving to Phoenix and want to get rid of my car. What is the best way to donate the car and oth...
8 replies
"making offer on bank owned foreclosures"
my daughter and her husband made an offer with a real estate company to purchase a bank owned forecl...
0 replies
"SS COLA increases your base benefit BEFORE collecting SS?"
Does your base benefit (PIA) increase by the COLA amount each year BEFORE you begin taking benefits?...
0 replies
"Underwater with the House"
My son is 30 years old & owns a home that is $250,000 "under". I want to find out if he should cont...
1 replies

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