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"Social Security if married before vs after age 60"
My current wife and I were just married last year. She is 58 and I am 62. She was married before f...
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"burial plots"
I would like to know when you should buy a burial plot, should you buy a plot for a 25 year old. in ...
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I am 68 and divorced two years ago. I was married to my former spouse for more than 30 years; she t...
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"social security disability"
Iam 57 years old. And get social security disability. My wife is 62 years old and never worked. Can ...
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"B of A method of reporting HELOC to CRA"
I wondered if anyone else has this problem. I recently found out that B of A is reporting the balan...
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"Share your stories with U.S. News & World Report"
Hi. I write The Best Life online column for U.S. News & World Report. I'm seeking your help for a st...
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"bankruptcy question"
My mother has inherited some money from my grandmothers death. My mother wants to buy a house with ...
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"Social Security Benefits, We were married twice, a total of 15-20 years"
Im actually asking for my mom. Here's the deal.....she and my dad were married, then divorced, then ...
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"Parents debt?"
My parents have alot of credit card debt. They are in their 60's, we live in Michigan, the rest of ...
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"best place to relocate"
I am behind on house payment, going to go through a divorse when my wife can only get my home at tim...
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