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"Mobility issues when you cannot sell your home"
Richard of <a href="">Maitre Medical, Inc.</a> askes: In this economy wh...
1 replies
"Need quality home care for father-in-law"
We need to hire a care giver for my father-in-law. He is not ready to leave his home to go to assis...
7 replies
"Caring for a relative with Alzheimer's"
My father, who lives with us, was just recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. We don’t know...
3 replies
"Share your stories with U.S. News & World Report"
Hi. I write The Best Life online column for U.S. News & World Report. I'm seeking your help for a st...
0 replies
"Honoring our Veterans"
Our generation has members who served in Vietnam and the Gulf War. Our children have served in Ira...
4 replies
"Advice for best way to leave belongs to my heirs"
I'm preparing my will and am looking for suggestions about the best way to leave my personal belongs...
1 replies
"tips for teaching daughter to drive"
our daughter is learning to drive - what advice does someone have for a father teaching her ?
5 replies
"Keeping teen drivers safe"
My 17 yr old son is about to get his driver's license. He is responsible and I believe he will be a...
2 replies
"Grandson has NO RULES!"
I was looking over this website and decided to join this group. Hopefully it is the right one to di...
1 replies
"first timer"
We are expecting our first grandchild in another state in the next week or so. Our son says not to ...
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